Modern Chakra: Meditation, Affirmations & Life Philosophy for Today's World

The Modern Chakra Philosophy:

Understanding how to balance and maintain your chakra energy centers and emotional health will give you the calm and harmony needed to live a fulfilling and motivated life.  The happiness of your life depends on balancing key areas of both your physical and spiritual existence. This dance never stops. Luckily for us, as humans, we can develop tools, mindsets, and peacefulness to enjoy the ride we are on. Positive affirmations and guided meditations are a vital answer to most of your burning questions: How do I live a more joyful life? How do I find fulfillment in my work? Where is love? While it is easy, and correct, to say all those answer lie within you... it is crucial to be guided inward and to develop a method to enter your real consciousness. Bring into your life positive affirmations and guided meditations!

Your journey is unique to you, you are perfect as you are. You are modern person with modern needs, embrace that fact! Bring your beautiful inner world and the incredible physical world together in perfect balance.

The Modern Chakra Way

We emphasize the fact that you should not ignore the real world, you should embrace working and existing in this time. It is a gift to be alive right now and going inward through meditation without sharing this insight in the physical world is a real waste of your beauty. This is why we balance guided meditations with positive affirmations. This combines psychology and words, with the wordless and spiritual nature of meditation. Balancing this two exercises together involves your creativity and our guidance. Experiment with both meditation and affirmations to maintain a joyful and peaceful existence while contributing to humanity as a whole. 

Your first step is knowledge: Read through this site, go through the different guided meditations, the information on chakras, and chakra colors. How we exist as energy, both described by Buddha and Einstein alike. Make it your goal to keep an open mind and reserve judgement until after you attempt these exercises on your own.

The Western Viewpoint of your Modern Charkras

There is no doubt that this site has a more Western viewpoint, as it is written by someone who has lived and spent a good portion of his life in the United States of America and some substantial time in Europe. The amount of time studying Eastern Philosophy is enough to make the important connections between both the East and West and bring a more holistic understanding to ourselves as well as the world as a whole. Just as balance is important for our personal lives having a world balance between ideals holds just as much importance.

With this knowledge, we should strive to contribute our full being into the betterment of this world as we see fit. Technology is amazing, embrace it. Meditation is amazing, embrace it. Love & Tolerance are amazing, embrace them. Bring the whole of humanity into your life and bring your life into the whole of humanity.

Modern Chakra is here to make you care about your life. YOUR LIFE. The way you see it and grow it. There are no right or wrong answers, there is only growing or dying. Our modern world is busy, it is constantly challenging us to multi-task, think faster, and make more decisions, all in LESS time than just a year before. Your life may be out of balance and the stress is causing strain in your physical, spiritual and your personal lives.

Your Meditation Journey

Meditation for Beginners and those Advancing