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The Modern Chakra Online Healing Guide:

Understanding how to balance and maintain your Chakra Energy Centers will give you the calm and harmony needed to live a fulfilling and motivated life. Our life energy relies on specific centers of our body and being to maintain and regulate our flow of energy. Being in balance in mind, body and spirit is not possible unless we work on these areas. Spiritual healing and energy healing, both of which are involved in complete healing, are just as important as taking the right prescription or exercising regularly, and in fact enhancing these areas as well as ALL others as your awareness and practice grows. Much of this achieved through meditation and specifically chakra meditation

The Western Viewpoint

There is no doubt that this site has a more Western viewpoint, as it is written by someone who has been lived and spent a good portion of his life in the United States of America and some substantial time in Europe. The amount of time studying Eastern Philosophy is substantial enough to make the important connections between both the East and West and bring a more holistic understanding to ourselves as well as the world as a society. Just as balance is important for our personal lives having a world balance between ideals holds just as much importance.

Our different energy centers located at points throughout our body and spirit, are swirling and acting as our specific manifestation and understanding points. These are not metaphorical, but actual points of power starting from the base of the spine and located moving up above our skulls. It is convenient to picture them as suns of different color, energy emitting outward. Our own personal and colorful suns.

Why do you care about Chakra Healing? Our modern world is busy, it is constantly challenging us to multi-task, think faster, and make more decisions, all in LESS time than just a year before. Your life may be out of balance and the stress is causing strain in your physical, spiritual and your personal lives.

Your Meditation Journey

So where do we find the time and balance to get control of our lives? Well it starts with a little bit of knowledge, which is why and how you found this site, and add a bit of guidance and you will find the tools necessary to bring holistic and healthy practices in your life, starting with your main Life Centers. Understanding the driving force behind many of your actions and giving those balance will begin your journey to fulfillment.

These life centers act as the power plants to our entire system, regulating specific areas of our lives and well being. Maintaining balance heavily influences our emotional and physical well being. This imbalance can often manifest in depression, apathy, and dis-ease.

The Chakra Element

Two key elements to our health are understanding the concepts and attributes of our different chakras, such as color and body location (visual chart), as well then being able to apply this knowledge in a practical and useful manner. Afterward we can begin to apply chakra healing and other holistic healing methods such as yoga and thoughts such as kundalini.

The exact science, the understanding through reason, of chakra study lends itself to different schools of thought. Just as there are branches of mathematics and language. Many techniques and general knowledge can easily be from the comfort of your home or you can take a more personal approach and find an individual to work face-to-face. Hands on and crystal healing being effective holistic treatments. You will notice a trend focusing on working with a guide or program and the incredible importance on meditation

7 Energy Healing Centers is the typical number given as the count of the chakra locations. This number is sometimes greater depending on who is discussing the topic, more being discussed throughout the site as your knowledge grows. Body location and color are only two of the many attributes covered in the site, as it is important to apply this knowledge practically and into a modern lifestyle.

Each center has different attributes which can be used in your personal learning, self exploration, and just for fun. You will find tips and suggestions on practice techniques and additional resources and everything will be explained with your time and health in mind. Find your starting point.

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