Auras and Chakras - Two Sides of the Same Coin

Auras and Chakras

This page is dedicated to helping you see the connection between auras and chakras. As we begin to explore our energy selves there will come a time when things begin to become more related to each other. As you study chakras and chakra healing you see how meditation aids in this understanding, and vice versa. Many of the religions you will experience all teach many of the same principles. About treating others as if they are yourself, some mean it because it is the moral thing to do, others mean it because everything is related so if you are hurting someone else you are only hurting yourself. These ideals and how you come to understand them will shape your spiritual being.

Auras and Chakras are similar ideas. They are attempts to describe and attribute our energy centers into a more tangible manifestation. A way to explain our different traits and personalities as well as any ailments or gifts we may have. If some energy centers are stronger than others a person could be imbalanced, just as the colors of the auras give off specific light and energy of that individual.

They are talking about the same things. And maybe that will help you look at these two philosophies. If we picture our chakras running up and down our body, and then see them as suns of energy, we know that they would bleed into one another, harmonize at times. Each color extends outward and inward combining with other colors, other energies. If one chakra is stronger than another it would glow brighter and would be more prominent. When getting your aura read that particular color will show brightest and be addressed in balancing techniques. It is a western description of this Eastern Philosophy.

The western side looks more at the external manifestations and the eastern philosophy looks at the energy source itself. Understanding and integrating both into your life will bring ultimate balance. Neither side is right nor wrong, just describing similar human experience the best way known. We are made of energy, energy and mass has been shown scientifically to be equal, eastern philosophy has known of our energy beings for a very long time. We emit this energy outward through our chakras and seen in our auras. Auras and Chakras, two sides of the same coin.

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