Chakra Mandalas

Monks sand mandala

Chakra mandalas can really be too specific as working with mandalas can always benefit the chakras. In this case we are going to look at chakra mandalas as it related to color. I have found different color mandala images and put them in the order from the crown chakra to the red chakra, our root.

If you are unfamilar with what a mandala is let me clear it up a bit. These are spiritual or religious artistic expressions. Basically comprised of a circular shape, with colors and symbols laid out, usually symmetrically. Some people color them in with colored pencils from a template, create their own from scratch, or like the monks, use sand to slowly but surely create a masterpiece that represents the eternity of the cosmos as well as the nature of impermanence. Monks almost always destroy the mandala after creating, as a symbolic representation of existence. Take a look at the pictures for even better an explanation. You can use these mandalas it to enhance your chakra work as they are commonly used as and in meditation practice.

Violet Chakra Mandala
Indigo Chakra Mandala
Blue Chakra Mandala
Green Chakra Mandala
Yellow Chakra Mandala
Orange Mandala Mandala
Red Chakra Mandala

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