Qigong or Chi Gung


Qigong (Chi Gung) is a method of life practice. A way to approach life that will allow balance in all the essential areas of living: Mind, body, and spirit. The name itself contains the word “chi” or “qi” which is most easily understood as life energy. The power that lies in all life forms and powers existence. Qigong is a method or practice that cultivates this energy, it helps an individual shape, control, and master their personal energy.

An ancient Chinese practice (mostly oral in tradition) that attempts to give the individual an understanding and personal awareness of the reality of existence. If this seems a bit “out there” I assure you it is not. The Western understanding of the relationship between matter and energy, brought to us by Einstein, is a scientific approach to the same mystery. What is existence made of and how can we understand it? You can see these worlds as the physical and the spiritual if it helps or the relationship of matter and energy if that is more your cup of tea. The point is that Chi Gung is used to increase your understanding of this apparent mystery.

Qigong utilizes fluid movements (or movement patterns, that can be likened to a controlled dance), controlled breath, and meditation practices most often combined into one routine. Use your mind’s eye to visualize your life energy flowing as you breath in and out, move fluidly through space. Since balance is always the key to these Eastern ideals the forms or movements themselves will utilize all the aspects simultaneously, that is your breathing, movements, and thoughts all working as one.

But this does not mean we as individuals cannot work on the particular parts separately as long as we keep in mind they are part of the whole. Just as baseball players play one complete game of baseball, they none the less work on their hitting separately than their fielding. And as with any practice there are many schools of thought on how this should be approached, but I continue to urge everyone to find their own path using different “ideals” as a guide and not as an absolute. Simply never say “am I doing it right?” the point is to attempt your awareness at all.

The energy itself flows through the body in a description that is similar to chakras themselves. 3 energy centers, lower, middle, and upper dantians, help regulate the flow of energy. These energy centers correspond to the navel, the heart, and the third eye (the brow). The rest of this website, Modern Chakra, talks about chakra energy centers. These seem to be different names for the same concepts.

Realize that Qigong is related to (in concept) and can be used in conjunction with things like Tai Chi, Reiki practice, and other Eastern Philosophies. All these ideals are different paths toward the same goal and a change of scenery is sometimes all you need to feel motivated and balanced again.

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