Third Eye Chakra - Brow Chakra - Ajna

Third Eye Chakra, Brow Chakra, Indigo Chakra, Ajna

The Third Eye Chakra, known in Hindi as Ajna, is the visual location of the chakra energy centers. It is important to note that this idea of vision is not only tied to that of our eyes, but that of insight and intuition. Understanding and meditating with and on this vision center can help you achieve solutions to questions that you may pose in your conscious life.

Now these questions or areas of fulfillment can be spiritual in nature or they can be physical in nature as well. Maybe there is a business problem that has been persistent and uneasy to solve. With some guidance and work with the third eye chakra an individual can receive potential solutions to this issue and be presented as a "vision" for the future, with a spiritual sense of what is to come as well as the physical form this takes.

The Indigo Energy Center swirls with color, a deep blue, reminding one of the deep well of knowledge felt when staring into the ocean. We have this ocean of knowledge inside of our being and working with our chakras unleashes this potential to fulfill our purpose and desires. A little bit of guidance goes a long way, and there are groups that can be found that meditate together with different focuses, including a focus on Chakra healing.

If you do not have the time to develop your energy healing techniques and meditation with one on one support you can find online guidance, a home study course, here: Chakra Meditation Guide. Many people find that vision quests or personal journeys can be aided with work on the Anja. One method that can be used to aid in this energy quest is using the natural vibrations and harmony of certain crystals or natural objects that work particularly well with vision.

Turquoise, being a great gemstone tool when working with travel, also is blue itself and besides being great for the throat chakra, it gives protection when placed on the third eye and meditated with deeply. The vibrations from turquoise help to organize and present energy to the persona meditating that is harmonize with the particular third eye vision that is presented.

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