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About Modern Chakra: forming and understanding the intersection between Eastern Philosophy and Western Philosophy focusing on the idea of chakra healing, meditation, and other Eastern Spiritual Practices as seen through a westerners eyes. It is important to see the entire world, one world view, and how it relates to you as an individual.

Chakras take on many different names but the idea is simply that our physical and spiritual bodies consist of energy centers. Places that transmit and filter energy to other parts of ourselves and the world around us. Each chakra has a different function in and of themselves but also work in harmony together.

But this can sound so esoteric to others out there but put in more modern terms, we can see that we use the same idea already in our own lives. The brain governs motion not the liver, our hearts pump blood our lungs do not. Our physical organs each play a role but work together to form the whole body.

There are physical areas of the body that serve a purpose just as the body consists of a physical realm there is an energy realm as well. Einstein told us this as energy and matter being of the same thing. So are we. The energy world is one of light... some wavelengths we see some we cannot, which is why we get burned from the sun but can't see the UV rays that do it. They exist, they effect us, but we can't see them. The same is true for the energy of our bodies, we are no different than nature because we are nature ourselves. What is true for the world around us is true for ourselves... There are things we cannot see that make us who we are none the less.

Thank you for learning about Modern Chakra: The journey along this path of enlightenment is the point itself.

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