Anusara Yoga

Anusara Yoga is another school of yoga practice which places certain emphasis that may benefit individuals or like mindset, giving mantra like power to "Attitude, Alignment, Action." The idea of yoga is one that lends itself to personalization of finding a more enlightened path. Many people take the concepts of yoga and tantra and other aspects of Eastern Philosophy and give them a new perspective or a different environment of understanding. In fact, this particular school was founded in 1997. A gentlemen by the name of John Friend started this school and it has grown to hundreds of thousands of students.

The first thing to understand why these different schools exist is that culture and the presence of the particular society dictates what philosophies and schools develop. The Indian concepts that are taught in Yoga, Tantra, and Buddhism as well take on a local flavor and develop in a culture that has specific rituals and religious beliefs. In this process a cultural element is added that cannot be understood through the same techniques in a Western World.

Anusara's 3 'A' Principle




It is important to understand that each individual, with their unique path, will need different guidance. The main principle, the most important, of understanding the macrocosm of the universe through the microcosm of your self is the important aspects. Doing this through different principles and practices that are assigned to your physical, mental, and spiritual selves can be achieved.

The philosophy is what is important and it might even be just as essential to be able to communicate these ideals. Doing so must entail speaking a common language. This language is not confined to actual words but to the presence of culture and society. Yoga in the United States and Western countries has a decidedly different feel. But just as this Yoga is a different school, the under lying philosophy remains the same the world over.

There is an entire community dedicated to this Yoga practice and the website itself provides a wonderful resource to exploring this particular school. I would encourage you to explore multiple schools as you begin or continue your journey. Finding the community that you best respond will bring you closer to a more full life and a life journey of happiness and enlightenment.

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