Blocked Chakras - Healing Your Trauma

buddha for blocked chakra

Blocked chakras can be seen a little differently than imbalanced chakras. The imbalance is caused more by one chakra being more powerful than another and taking a larger portion of your life. This could be if one focuses on a particular chakra during meditation and over time neglects the others. Blocked chakras stems more from something in your life disrupting the flow of a particular chakra. Trauma is a major cause of chakras being blocked. This trauma causes damage to a particular chakra and hence blocks the flow energy.

An example of a heart chakra being blocked could come about because of a relationship that ended badly. While your heart may not have literally broken, your heart chakra could have a break in it. Often time will heal this wound and help your chakra become whole again. Other times we need to make a conscious effort, usually through meditation or holistic healing methods, to release this block.

How this all happens can be seen from another angle. Going on the above example imagine someone left you one day, unexpectedly. Your heart chakra was giving off energy in the form of love for another human being. After being hurt your heart chakra is weakened, imagine if you will an energy surge back to where it came injuring this emotional chakra. The block is a method to protect you from further hurt, further chakra damage. We know that love is bigger than this, a fully functioning heart chakra is better than a blocked one.

As you meet new people, even go to traditional therapy, meditate, etc. your heart chakra will heal itself. Eventually the block is gone and you can love fully again. Making an effort to work on this chakra, say if you have said “I am never going to love again.” will make that statement false sooner than you think.

Trauma comes in the form of verbal abuse as well. Your throat chakra may become blocked if someone has told you that you are not a very good public speaker. To avoid being hurt again the throat chakra blocks itself off, at least in certain areas, so that you avoid speaking with your full potential. Again, working on this chakra, and realizing what it is that blocked it in the first place will help you regain your confidence. Meditation will help you realize what trauma may have hurt you in the past.

Comments like these may have hurt you in the past

“You are overweight”
“You are not very smart”
“You pick the wrong person to date”
“I do not love you anymore”

These statements and statements like them are only negative energy causing blocked chakras, and your inner power is stronger than any of them combined. Keep meditating and work on balancing your chakras.

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