Chakra Balancing Exercises

There have been some requests for chakra balancing exercises, those few things that you can do to get your chakras working in harmony with each other. These are practical, actual exercises/techniques that will help in this balancing process and designed with the busier lifestyle in mind. You could spend many hours a day in meditation and performing other chakra balancing exercises but that seems a bit impractical for the everyday modern life.

The main thing to keep in mind is that most things you do can be shifted or looked at in a different way to improve your chakra balance. Chakra balancing exercises tend to be more of a state of mind than a physical motion, though they do compliment each other. You will be given some examples of what you can do but keep an open mind for yourself and try to incorporate some of these thoughts and exercises into your own life.

1. The first and most obvious exercise for balancing your chakras is meditation. You will find that meditation is the core of this entire site and your quest for a more complete life and purpose. For the busy person it may be difficult to find the time to exercise, meditate, cook dinner, sleep, and be working a fulltime job. So think smaller. Turn your everyday tedious tasks into chakra balancing exercises easily by focusing your energy through a particular chakra. What this means is that during a chore like washing dishes, calm yourself, relax and be in the moment, while you are in the moment imagine the energy from a particular chakra helping to give motion and energy to your movements.

As you pick up the first dish, picture in your mind’s eye the energy from your root chakra, the red chakra, glowing and providing you will the energy to clean the dish. Be totally present. The energy is invisible but it is there, use it to feel the dishes more completely, the texture of the soap, the porcelain, filter your experience through your chakra. As you pick up the next dish move up your body to your sacral chakra, the orange chakra, and continue the same presense of mind.

This technique is the true secret to chakra balancing exercises. Taking things you do everyday and filtering them and energizing them through specific chakras.

2. The next chakra balancing exercise is to take 5 minutes during your work day to personally balance your chakras with intent. This is simple but you must keep an open mind and put in the 5 minutes:

Simply sit in your chair or stand up. Take a few deep breaths and then imagine, again in your mind’s eye, or whichever way is most comfortable for you to picture and FEEL your chakras all at the same time. That is the exercise. Feel and picture each of the seven chakras at the same time, their color and location, and have them bleed into one another. Using the energy between them to balance each other. That is the beauty of the chakras, they are self balancing, the more you focus on them and picture/imagine them working together, the more they feed off of each other and balance themselves. There should be no effort on your part, just awareness, imagine them harmonizing and balancing.

Depending on your chakra needs think of environment in which you are in as you perform different chakra balancing exercises and find your own best places to perform the simple 5 minute balancing focus or be mindful to the environment in which your chores are being done. If you are outside raking leaves or mowing grass working on your physical chakras, the lower 3, will be most beneficial. In a quiet room focus on your crown chakra or while singing your favorite song keep your blue chakra, your throat chakra, in your mind as you belt out with joy.

Chakra exercises are flexible to the individual. You are encouraged to personalize and improvise!

3. Times and places to work on chakras:

washing dishes

outdoor work

stuck in traffic (work on patience focusing through your heart chakra)

waiting in the doctor’s office


(your idea here!)

To really start meditating effectively check out our Meditation Guide Here

What does meditation mean to you?

Share your thoughts on meditation! Tell us about a time you felt in the flow, in a meditative state...something like washing dishes, or a quiet lake. Write about your experience for others to enjoy.

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