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The idea behind the term Chakra Balancing is quite intuitive in nature, as balance is something that we all seek in our lives. However, it is useful to look at this as it applies not only to the chakras but how this analogy plays out in real life. The chakra energy centers are often thought of as vortexes or wheels of energy, chakra spinning just as the stars and planets rotate. If the wheels are out of balance and rotating and energizes at different speeds and levels, the whole mechanism runs less and less efficiently. We take our car tires to the mechanic to be aligned, to be balanced, and in our spiritual and energy selves this idea is no different.

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We can work with others that specialize in chakra energy work. They will lay you on a table and work with their own energy, which they have developed and matured over years of practice, to fill any holes in your own energy, or counteract an overactive area of your energy system. This is balancing the chakra spinning, making sure no particular area is overbearing or too weak and is working in harmony with the rest of the energy centers to also open up blocked chakras.

There is also the ability for us to do our own chakra healing. We can meditate and recognize those areas of our lives which seem out of balance and work the corresponding chakra. If you have not felt as loving there is a chance your heart chakra is weak and has been neglected. We can energize by doing crystal work, or directed meditation to increase the energy in this area and bring it in line with the rest of the body and spirit.

Finding someone in your area to work with is going to be the most ideal and helpful manner in which to bring our chakra balancing to its most efficient and healthy state. A quick Bing or Google search for your area is likely to yield results. There are also programs that you can use in your own home and in your own time if time consequences are an issue, or you just want to start to understand and utilize chakras and their delicate balance. Here are two suggestions to get you started if that is the route you want to take, regardless of how you want to approach your study and energy work doing nothing is not an option. The benefits will amaze you and you will begin to align more easily and obviously to your life path as the rest of your system is harmonized and leading you.

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Balancing your chakras will bring all areas of your life into alignment!

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