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It is pretty incredible the chakra interpretations and chakra graphic visualizations that I have come across during my life healing quest. The visual representation of the colors and locations of the chakra energy centers is one of those tools that say so much with just one image.

The image you see above is one that I created myself. I found a free use buddha and used a simple editor to add the color and words the chart. I wanted to use something personal, even though my graphic arts talent is minimal, something that anyone else can just grab and put onto a personal notebook or art project, a presentation, a project... whatever and wherever needed just site this page as the location of the chakra graphic.

The beauty and simplicity is evident but the true power of what you can accomplish with understanding more deeply and through personal exploration will outshine and amaze you more than any picture, more than any visual representation could ever manage.

I have included a page dedicated to other chakra graphic art that I have come across on the internet and are both beautiful and useful for the differences and similarities among themselves. I invite you to take a look at some of the art work as it is truly inspirational.

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Modern Chakra Chart Tip

Try creating your own color chart as a meditation experience

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