Know Your Chakra Colors!

Gaining insight through Chakra Colors. The first step to understanding your Chakras and using this information for healing begins with corresponding the location and name of the energy center with a color.

Colors emit certain wavelength frequencies and vibrate at a certain rate. A specific color vibrates more complementary, or really more in harmony, with a certain Chakra than it does with others. Knowing the color attributes and location of each power center enables us to use the proper healing tools and approach a particular Chakra when dealing with a specific ailment or need. Take a look at the chart for a quick visual here:

Each of these colors has specific holistic traits themselves which are applied during holistic healing, always aware that certain chakras are involved in particular processes. This means that if we are having an issue with our emotions, for example, we can apply meditation and healing techniques to our green, or heart chakra, using possibly a green stone or gem.

Modern Chakra: Spectrum of Colors Tip

Remember that colors are a spectrum, one blending into another, just as our chakras blend into each other. Think about this during your chakra meditation sessions

Remembering the Chakra locations and the associated color is the first step in understanding and and integrating Chakra Balancing and Chakra healing into your life. If you have not already noticed from the chart, the 7 chakra colors that we are exploring here correspond with the colors of the rainbow and starting from red, the root (red and root both beginning with 'r' helps with remembering) then move up your body as you say the colors of the rainbow outloud. Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet = ROY G. BIV!)

A little more helping in remembering:

Violet/Purple is the color of royalty and also is also the color of the Crown Chakra, royalty wears crowns.

Indigo is the color of the Third Eye Chakra and begins with "i" corresponding with third "eye."

Blue is the color associated with the Throat Chakra and one way to remember is to sing the blues.

Green is a little bit tougher as it is the color of the Heart Chakra, but the heart is the area of growth and green is a powerful symbol of bounty.

Yellow represents and harmonizes with the Solar Plexus, Solar is another name we give the sun and its activity and the sun is easily associated with yellow. The Solar Plexus are almost the exact center of the body and the sun is the center of our solar system.

Orange lies with the Sacral Chakra, a little below your belly button and I have yet to think of a good visual!

Red corresponds to the Root Chakra and both begin with the letter "r."

This provides a bit of a visual and memory representation of the Chakra so you can spend more time working with healing and less remembering the locations and chakra colors

This quick overview leads us to a more thorough look into each of the Chakras, which is provided through the links below or the side navigation.

Moving on..

Chakra Colors: Violet/White - Crown Chakra

No one should be alone in their energy exploration. It is too critical of an area in life to be approached only casually. Coming to this site is a great start, but should not be the end of your look into holistic healing approaches. If you can not find meditation or energy healing groups in your area the least you could to for yourself is find an in expensive at home study course and kit. Check out our meditation guide below: enjoy the journey.

Modern Chakra Meditation Guide

Symbolic Meaning of Colors
The symbolic meaning of colors can affect your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual states, both consciously and unconsciously. Discover how the use of colors can help you feel better, inject an element of vitality into your life, or to calm strong feelings and promote a sense of peace and relaxation.