Chakra Healing Attunements

Chakra healing attunements can be thought of the same way as if you are thinking about tuning a musical instrument. The vibrations of one instrument or sound are matched and aligned with another instrument’s vibration or sound. The two match up with each other and sound in harmony or congruence. This can be thought of to apply to the energy of our own bodies. As we know the chakra energy centers vibrate and radiate energy,but just like musical instruments they can become detuned or misaligned. One process to deal with this issue to have chakra healing attunements performed on/with the individual (yourself maybe in the case).

The most common process would be for an energy healer, or energy worker, such as a reiki expert or healing hands practitioner to work on the individual that is misaligned. Through the use of the own person’s energy they can help manipulate or “tune” the chakra so that it is vibrating more optimally, ideally in harmony with the individual. This is a hands on approach and one that is probably the most intensive, but effective way to receive an attunement. But there are others.

Another way is to receive distance chakra healing attunements, that is from someone not in your immediate physical area. This may seem a little less powerful, and can be so in fact, but the process does work, especially with a very open mind and a strong healer on the other end. The intention and the healing work is done specifically with the individual in mind, that means the practitioner sends out energy through the universe, in this case maybe only a few miles, or even thousands of miles. But this type of communication is not easily hindered by distance. Love is strong.

There are general attunements or specific both to cause or to the individual or to both. What that means is that there red chakra healing attunements that are created and received by anyone willing. But there are also attunements that are specifically done from one individual to another, either for general well being or for a specific problem. If you are feeling particularly spacey or ungrounded because of spiritual issues, then you may seek an attunement from an energy healer directly speaking to them about the issue. They will in turn send the requisite energy and intention your way. If this seems far out to you, just remember how advanced technology is and how it enables us to communicate, then realize we are infinitely more advanced than our technology, for we create it. You can even find attunements on eBay, and are often worth any money or time spent.

Finally you can attune yourself through meditation and working on your chakras, such as following the guide provided here.

Modern Chakra Meditation Guide

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