Chakra Meditation Guide: The Easiest Way to Reduce Stress and Find Balance

Chakra Meditation Guide

Chakra Meditation Guide: You need to start meditating!

Plain and Simple: Meditation reduces stress and helps you achieve balance in your life. Everyone who meditates will tell you the same thing and you probably want to start as well... so let’s get going.

We here at Modern Chakra have written a book designed to guide you through a week of meditation focusing on the chakras. It has been specifically written for the western mind, relating the ideas of meditation with ideas you already know. Meditation will change your life, let you realize your true inner beauty.... it has changed our lives and many many others throughout the world. Get our guide in the digital copy that works best. You are on your way to a clearer mind.

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Modern Chakra Meditation Guide - David Roman

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If you do not own either of these and would simply like to read it on your computer download the book for $19.99 at Lulu here (and don’t forget to get the Free Adobe Digital Editions Reader Software Here to read the book on your computer) --> Support independent publishing: Buy this e-book on Lulu.

Nook owners can Purchase the book Here: Modern Chakra Meditation Guide