Chakra Meditation

Chakra meditation is one of the single best ways to access, understand, and utilize your energy potential. The idea of meditation is one that is often surrounded in mystery, or a feeling of "that is not for me." Some people believe that it is too hard to do, or that they have tried but could not do it. I am going to be blunt and say that if you are not meditating, if you are not making an attempt to understand meditation, or use meditation on a regular basis (preferably daily) you are simply not living a whole life.

I am saying this not as a way to scare people or to make an empty strong statement, I am saying this to empower the individual. If you are a scientist by nature, looking for fact, take a simple understanding that we know a lot about the brain, the connections between neurons, the regions of the brain that control certain functions, but admittedly the understanding of "how" it all works is still not easily or acceptably explained in rational, or scientific terms. Ultimately this tells us that we know the brain is powerful, we see that everyday, but we also know that it is even more powerful than anything we understand because we still do not understand it!

The hidden magic of this part of the brain, this part of our being is not magic at all. It is simply the part of us that is not understood through reason, but instead through intuition. We feed it conscious input and then it does magnificent computation to understand and manipulate this data, this rational thought. The trick is to get out of the way of the sub conscious, of the meditative mind so it can speak to us and help guide our lives.

After we give it all this day to day living information, it is essential to give it the opportunity to not only process, but to then give access to the information it has come up with. So we meditate. We still our mind and let thoughts run through our minds instead of around and around. When a thought enters, be like water, let the idea flow in front, observer and let it continue on its way. Make no judgement, make no mental comment, still our conscious thought, the part that makes you want to reason. Chakra Meditation works on the full plane of being and ripples through the conscious and subconscious.

This is the basic and most raw and first access of meditation for an individual. We can continue to get deeper into our chakra meditation and our state of being and into a collective mind through more intense and rigorous meditation exercises. But if you are reading this you probably are not there and you have begun your journey already and are finding your inner wisdom as guidance. That is the goal for those looking for more: to start to trust your intuition.

Buddha Chakra Meditation

Chakra meditation allows for a particular use of stilling our mind by giving the mind intent. Meditation does not have to be passive in terms of what we would like to accomplish, what problem or information would we like our subconscious to process for us. So we go into a meditative state, calming our bodies, stilling our motions, watching our breath, and we think about a particular goal. "Please show me the proper way to handle this difficult financial/personal/relationship situation I am in. Help me to bring positive factors into my life to bring balance to these areas that are troubling me." We are simply telling ourselves what it is we want accomplished. We can be vague in nature because the subsconsious mind is powerful, it already knows what you need, it has the means to put together the information so that that you acts and thoughts center around achieving your results.

Using Chakra Meditation directed toward a particular chakra, or chakras, their colors and body locations, energizes that center and increases its influence in our being. Give extra care and attention to the corresponding chakra to that issue you are dealing with. Concentrate on your Root Chakra if you are feeling spacey, or your heart chakra if you are feeling impatient with those around you, focusing energy on your third eye chakra can increase your vision of intent to more easily recognize what you need as you scan around your everyday world, and get your crown chakra involved as you continue to try and connect to your spiritual self.

Think of meditation in this particular manner as asking for guidance. It is simple and it works. To aid in this simply focus some of the intent on a particular chakra. If you are having trouble speaking in front of groups or having a presentation coming up, meditate on finding calmness and ask for your subconscious to find the right words, but also focus some thought some of your energy on your throat chakra, the blue chakra, almost a turquoise in color. Give this chakra particular thought and increase its energy and influence over your being. You will find an increased confidence in your speaking and in all your preparation for the upcoming speaking situation.

Healing with chakra meditation is a very powerful tool and essential in growing as a spiritual and physical being. Below are a few programs that you can use in the privacy of your own home and on your own time, which is a good alternative if you cannot find a meditation group in your area or do not yet practice or want to improve your current meditation practice. Click here for a guided chakra meditation script.

Any meditation technique, as well as utilizing meditation breathing techniques, that you find works for you can be easily enhanced by thinking of certain sessions as having a chakra meditation theme and get the energy moving!

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For even more insight into meditation and becoming a fuller person please see some more sites dedicated to helping others on their journey!

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