Chakra Science an Overview

Let us explore a more scientific meaning of chakras, chakra science, one where we use more of the rational mind, the scientific mind, to understand our energy centers a little differently. The first thing to realize is that even the scientific community leaves room for doubt in each and every hypothesis and on a personal level we know that not every one of our theories or ideas can be tested to give it as much credibility needed to get published in a journal... but the thing is we can still use this frame of mind to look at chakras on a more physical level. Research to be added as discovered.

As you know the chakras are energy centers located at certain points throughout the body. There is a more spiritual and religious aspect to these in much of our exploration, but the physical nature of these locations is as real and as powerful as the spiritual side. We can start at our root chakra, located in our reproductive region, and instantly know the importance of procreation and the miracle of creating new life.

Our cells emit radiation and energy like any source of power. We feed in minerals and nutrients, like we would feed coal to a power plant. The processing in the cells then releases this energy in different ways. The cluster of cells and what they are doing will determine the power released and needed. The chakras are located at very important points of physical location such as between the eyes, the center of our conscious mind and a major part of our vision system. Think about the mental activity going on in the frontal lobe, the area behind our forehead. It is related to our decision making, planning and memory. Here is where future “vision” takes place. The amount of processing power of the brain is tremendous to come up with and analyse these thoughts. There is a large amount of energy that is used and emitted from the region.

There is an actual energy center, measured in brainwaves and electromagnetic activity that emanates from this regions. The heart chakra located in the chest slightly offset of our physical heart is clearly in a position of importance in our bodies. Scientists have measured an electomagnetic energy that emits out from the heart both forward and backward up to several feet from the body. These is real energy, a source of power. It is not a coincidence our heart chakra is in the location as well.

It is easy to dismiss the idea of a chakra science, especially if you are one of a completely rational, or really scientific, mind. I have shared my doubts as well, but take the time to see how these ideas relate to each other and not how one is “right” or “wrong.” As the scientific knowledge grows, the understanding and power of our chakras grows as well. Take your own personal experience and come up with rational ideas to help your understanding.

The science of chakras and spirituality need not be at ends unless you close off your mind and come to predetermined solutions. The bottom line: always look for the “how” instead of the “why not’s!”

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