Christian Meditation

Christian Meditation: Helping open your mind to God

Meditation and Christianity do not have to be mutually exclusive. In fact, applying meditation techniques to your life will not only give you balance and energy but bring your spiritual awareness higher as well. By understanding and working with your mind you can experience a deeper connection while praying and serving your community.

Guided Meditation is a wonderful way to explore your prayers while understanding and growing on your life path. To start you on your path you can begin to use certain of your favorite prayers as meditation mantras. A Mantra being a repeated phrase said for focus, which then becomes the theme of your meditation... something such as "Jesus is the light of the world." and let that become your mind focus, let the racing mind relax and just hold that thought in your mind, or even repeat it out loud.

There may be a misconception for some that meditation or understanding concepts such as your chakras and reiki healing would conflict with your spirituality and Christian Beliefs. But just as in India, which is the one of the founding lands for meditation and other holistic principles, has different schools for spirituality, Christianity is another area of understanding amongst common shared religious principles. This does not mean that you have to give up your beliefs, but instead, be open to the wisdom that is provided by other peoples' experience in life. Your benefit is how you apply it to your own set of beliefs. There is nothing un-Christian about benefiting from the open communication that our society finds itself.

It is often said that God is always speaking but we just fail to listen. Christian meditation helps you in finding your quiet self so that you can open your heart to God. There is an obvious personal benefit for you hearing these messages. There are people who have used meditation very effectively in their Christian work and have put together the time and effort to bring meditation guides specific for those wanting to bring their lives closer to God and open their mind in the process.

Guided Christian Meditation Program

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