Crown Chakra (Sahasrara) - Violet Chakra

crown chakra

The Crown Chakra is considered the most divine, the most connected to heaven, to the celestial, to universal energy. It is located at the top of the head. Associated with Pure Consciousness and the lotus flower of Hindu tradition. While also considered white in color, Western tradition has colored the Crown Chakra as both white/clear and violet depending on the practice and teachings.

The Lotus Chakra is associated with the release of karma, meditation, unity and "beingness." This Chakra can be used to engage inner wisdom and deal with death of the physical body.

For more intense and steady use on the lotus chakra I have found it useful to simply picture the flowing of light, from the sun, from the moon, from all sources around you, flowing in and out of the crown of the head. The lotus flower, with all its beauty, represents the rays of the sun, the purity of light, and the beams of energy we associate with this feeling. Each petal is a light beam of knowledge and unconscious, and full consciousness, the infinite loop that is our universe.

You do not have to think as abstract as I have above, but attempting to describe our experience with our chakras gives them new meaning and new power. The act of sharing grows the knowledge of both the giver and the receiver and is a necessity to continue your spiritual and whole being health.

Find someone else who shares your understanding of holistic healing and the wonders provided within ourselves. Explain to each other the benefits you have seen and the visions you have experienced while meditating or journeying through your chakra centers.

Continued guidance is a very important component of fulfilling your balance and achieving what you knew was possible, the fulfillment of your complete energy. This means manifesting your ideal situation in the present moment, finding your passion to provide you with income, treating your family and friends and strangers alike to grow beautiful and impressive relationships.

Finding the time is difficult, so if physical time with other individuals is not possible, study as much on your own and find guidance through home study programs and your own meditation. use a journal to write down your process, the things you hoped to discover, the experience you had, and any other related thoughts. If you need a home study course, there are options available, below is one inexpensive option. Safe journey always.

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Sahasrara - 1,000 petaled lotus


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