Feng Shui (Fung Shui)

Feng Shui (or Fung Shui) takes us out of our personal selves and begins to see the balance in our environment as well. Our living and working places, our temples, office buildings, and homes all affect our lives and the flow of energy in our world. Feng shui uses this to help in the building of our physical spaces. Location and direction being the two strongest factors .

The Chinese originated these practices, and in the process many different schools of thought have arisen on how to approach this aspect of our lives. The idea lies in the positioning a building, or even objects within our homes, will decide on the ease of flow of the life energy qi (chi) the same force that flows through us flows through nature as well and how we manipulate our surroundings will help guide and direct this flow of positive energy (or hinder it if the case may be).

The practice of Fung Shui relies on a few main ingredients, with certain schools emphasising the importance of one over another. These are the position of the physical objects to one another. That is, what are the locations of the rivers, the mountains, the forests, in relation to a building site.

Ti Li is the practice, or method, associated with this placement of physical objects as the core foundation or approach. Ti Li focuses on five celestial animals to guide them: snake, turtle, tiger, dragon, and phoenix.

Liiqi Pai is the other main form and emphasises cardinal directions, relying often on a traditional Chinese compass and its readings to position a building a certain way to flow along natural energy lines. With this information, Liiqi Pai will develop mathematical formulas and use numbers in their planning.

Another important area that is dealt with in Fun Shui is that of timing. What is meant by this is the date of the building, not just its physical surroundings or the structure itself, but the “when” of the actual building taking place.

The complexities of how these relate and what one is suppose to do with the information is much larger than any web page. But the principal can be applied to the inside of a dwelling itself as much as the the location of a whole building to other structure. Just as the position of mountains, rivers, and other physical objects will help or hinder the flow of Chi, as will the location of furniture, doorways, or other indoor objects affect it as well.

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