Guided Chakra Meditation

Guided Chakra Meditation

Below you will find a guided chakra meditation script that you can follow yourself or read out to other people while leading a meditation group. This particular guided meditation is geared directly toward increasing chakra awareness and healing. We will move up the body to focus on each energy center individually but dealing with all seven over the course of the meditation.

The best way to prepare for a guided chakra meditation is to think about pacing. That means to tailor the session to best fit the time frame you are dealing with. By having a rough estimate of how long you should be spending on each chakra, you, or the others you are leading, will feel less stress in “fitting it all in.” Aim to spend at least 2 minutes per chakra and increase as time allows.

Guided Meditation Chakra Script

Start of Guided Chakra Meditation (if you are leading a group this can be a bit more instructional, feel free to improvise over the script!)

A guided chakra meditation session is really no different than any other meditation session. Please get comfortable. Lay on the floor or sit in a very comfortable position which will allow your muscles to relax.

Close your eyes. Take a deep breath pulling the air through your nose and exhale out of your mouth (you can exhale out of your nose as well). Take another deep breath.

As you take your deep breath imagine you are breathing in a warm light and that it is filling the body providing energy to all your chakra centers. Breath deep into the belly and not into the shoulders. Your stomach should move in an out and your shoulders not up and down.

Breath deeper, inhaling positive and encouraging energy, just picture it in your mind, the feeling of positive energy whatever that means to you. Do not worry if you are doing it right, the important thing is to just be doing it.

As you breath out release the stress in your muscles. You can picture this as a cloud of black smoke being exhaled. Breath in white light breath out black smoke. Picture this the way that you feel most comfortable.

With each breath pay attention to your muscles relaxing, your mind slowing down.

Now bring your breath back to normal regular breaths, still breathing through your nose.

We will now start the guided chakra meditation portion of the session.

Breathe into your belly as deep down as you can picturing the light entering your root chakra, a red glowing light of physical energy. This is your root, your balance starts here. Spend some time picturing a ball of red light glowing strongly at the base of your spine and reproductive region. A strong energy keeping you grounded allowing you to bring all you gain from this meditation back to your everyday life. Your Root Chakra is the link between your spiritual side and physical side staying connected. Spend some time picturing this red energy.

Now move up just below your belly button, in your mind’s eye. You are now at your sacral chakra, an orange glow of energy continues to get stronger as you breathe into the chakra. Many important physical organs are located here, just as with all our chakras. Picture the energy radiating out and releases any stress or discomfort. Spend some time picturing this orange energy.

Move up now to your yellow chakra, the solar plexus chakra. An inch or so above your belly button. Breathe into to this again picturing the energy getting stronger, releases negative aspects. Spend some time here letting the chakra glow and rebalance itself.

Move now to your heart chakra. The green colored beautiful center of our emotions. Love with all your heart as you picture your love and energy flowing out from your chest. Each breath brings more and purer energy into your heart. This is actual energy not just a picture in your mind’s eye. Keep your heart open and love the world around you, accepting others’ love as well as your own. Feel at peace as the green, vibrant energy encompasses your body.

Now to your throat chakra. A beautiful blue sun residing in your neck and vocal region. Communication is key here, keep your throat open and let the energy create an open airway, easy breathing. Here is where you give back to the world, where you comfort and communicate, sharing with others the beauty that you see. Let the blue light swirl.

Next go to your third eye chakra, the indigo colored energy center located between your eyes, ever slightly above even with your eyes. Here is your vision center, where you see and solve problems, picturing what the future holds. Let the energy grow stronger as you breathe in allowing for your insight and intuition to grow as you meditate through and with the indigo chakra. Spend some time here.

Now you have reached your crown, moving up from your third eye to a location just above the top of your skull. Your connection to the divine and spiritual, your gateway to Nirvana, to Heaven, to that greater power you are part of, that all is part of. Enjoy your time here and feel enlightened, feel at peace with yourself and all of existence. You are part of the divine, you are divine.

Finally take time now to focus on the interaction of your chakras. Picture all of them as suns to help you in your development, and that their rays interact with each other, sharing energy, harmonizes, feeding ideas and power to each other. Feel your complete being as all 7 chakra centers glow together emanating a very strong power while they heal each other and heal you. Continue to breathe easily, allowing the energy you breathe in to fill each hole you may have in your chakras. You are healing. Spend a few minutes here. When you are ready open your eyes, come back to the now that you never left.

(end of guided chakra meditation)

You have completed the guided chakra meditation: peace and love.

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