What is Guided Meditation?

Guided Meditation is exactly what it the phrase says. A person, either live or recorded audio, guides another person or persons through a meditation process. The guide themselves help to set up the meditation session by acting as a experience leader as well as bringing about relaxation and providing direction.

Guided Meditation

Most guided meditation sessions will start off with the mediation guide having everyone get comfortable. Then through a serious of directions, that are more like suggestions, individuals will be guided to relaxation. Often the first actions is to concentrate on their feet, feel the tensions, tighten the muscles, then relax them. This process is repeated moving up the body to the top of the head. The feeling of what it is to be tense and then relaxed will help both your body and mind to realize when you are feeling tension. Even just actively thinking about relaxing the muscles will relax them, the tighten and release method is great for those just starting.

Meditation is an inward journey in which reducing outward distractions and other “noise” is often essential, especially for beginners. Once one is relaxed the meditation can begin. There are as many different ways to go about the guided session as their are people who meditate. No right way exists for the leader to teach and for the participates to engage in. The most common meditation experiences will involve imagining your body filling with white, healing light, concentrating on your breath, and reminding you to only observe your thoughts, not getting stuck on any one idea or judging what comes to your head in any way. It is thought without “thinking.”

During a guided meditation you may hear this often “your thoughts may drift, just come back to your breathing.” or “If your mind wanders, do not get upset, gently bring it back to center.” The more you participate the more this will make sense. As you see, the guide is there simply to keep people on track, to act as an extra resource to overcome certain well known mental barriers that can prevent people from really benefiting from meditation.

Maybe you have also heard of a relaxation session, which is basically a type of meditation experience concentrating on relieving the stress of everyday life from both your muscles and your mind. The most simple idea to guide someone through this is to imagine each breath out releasing tension and each breath in bringing in relaxation. It could help to picture a black cloud of stress and tension being breathed out and a white healing cloud being breathed in. The act of consciously paying attention to your level of anxiety and tension and teaching yourself to relax your muscles and still your brain is a very powerful and holistic way to reduce both stress and anxiety.

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