Healing Crystals

Healing Crystals

How do healing crystals work?

Recognizing the healing power of crystals is an amazing step into finding your balance and walking a true path. However, because of the ethereal nature of vibrations and energy the understanding of how crystals can work often gets blurred by our reason. It is nothing difficult to pinpoint, but things we cannot see directly are harder to understand. Once this is understood you can begin to open your mind a bit further and really on other areas of your brain and being to guide you.

Let us start with reason and give a much easier explanation that can be understood with more common terms and everyday occurrences. Think of crystals as filters. As energy filters. There structure dictates on of order and depending on the other materials involved have certain patterns through which energy can flow.

This is much easier understood by taking something most of us have already experienced; the prism. Light is energy, that is common knowledge, and in fact we are now more than ever trying to harness the power of light that is reaching us from the sun. This energy consists not only of visible light, the stuff bouncing everywhere giving our world color and shape. But also different other frequencies and wavelengths of light that we cannot see, but we can feel. Such energy giving us sunburn.

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Now let us look at light. When we hold up a prism to a window and the sun is shining through a rainbow is cast out from the prism. What is happening is that the shape, the order, of the prism is reorganizing and filtering the light into different wavelengths; beautiful colors.

On this site it is often mentioned that we are energy ourselves, we emit heat, electricity, brain waves, electro-magnetic waves. We are bundle of energy, all different sorts intermingling and working within the same system. So crystals provide this same sort of filtering to our life energy that prisms do to light energy. This life energy is real, as mentioned above consisting of all these different waves that we already measure and understood to some degree.

By moving our bodies energy through meditation and intent we can begin a flow of energy. When we involve crystals within this flow it acts as a filter and/or an amplifier. Crystals carry these same properties to filter your own energy as they do light. Gemstones encourage and assit energy to move more freely or in better order depending on that crystals properties.

It is evident then that different crystals have properties that promote a certain wavelength, or filter and can be used specifically for a particular ailment you may have. The ability to filter on different levels of wavelength give crystals a unique attribute of working with multiple different systems at the same time. What this means is that working on physical ailments will also aid the other energy fields and states of conscious into a healthier existence.

The colors of these holistic crystals play an important role in the properties it holds, though that is not the only factor. Keeping this in mind we can see how crystal healing can be used directly in chakra work. You can use different gemstones with the corresponding chakra color to further enhance your meditation or healing session.

It is easy and inexpensive to bring healing crystals into your self improvement and remembering them as filters you can begin to cleanse your body and energy with these gifts from nature.

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