Healing Music

How can sound be powerful enough to become Healing Music? Well if you have ever been to a concert and was mesmerized by the energy of the crowd, the music itself, the vibrations in the air, it will start to make sense.

If you know a little about music you know that an instrument like a guitar has strings that vibrate. The metal wires are pulled so that the string is nice and tight and when plucked the string vibrate, back and forth. Sound waves are released. These are waves of energy that are real, physical but also metaphysical and emotional. I say this because it is important to realize that music straddles a very important line in holistic healing. It can jump between the mind and the physical world very easily.

Let me clarify: Sounds waves are real energy. You can put your hand on a subwoofer or stereo speaker and as the music makes its way through you can feel the beat, feel the energy on your hand. This is the physical representation of soundwaves, how they interact with the world we see and feel. The other aspect is the emotional, or the human power of music. The music itself can be used to stimulate the mind on a symbolic level, a language of emotion. These notes combined together allow expression of emotion in a language without words and enable us to communicate through our heart and emotions to others’ hearts in many ways.

Healing Vibrations & Our Personal Energy

We, as energy beings, and believe me we are energy beings. Scientists have already been measuring our heart’s electro-magnetic signature and infrared glow. Just because we cannot see the energy does not mean it isn’t affecting us directly and persistently. If you understand your energy you can think that there are times that certain aspects of yourself are stronger than others. Maybe you have a very good common sense instinct but cannot express yourself, or your social skills are phenomenal but your intrapersonal skills, those inside your head with youself and body, are not as strongL there is healing music to address these concern.

These pains or troubles are imbalances of energy.

Through our look at the Chakras we see that different colors affect different parts of our existence. The same works for music. The vibrations of music interact with our energy to either harmonize or dis-chord.

Let’s take a look at the energy of sound: feel if these things ring true for you. That low sounds, the deep basses, the drums, they have an earthy feeling, a strong or rooted emotional upwelling when heard. I do not find myself with a light day dream when the bass drum or heavy bass notes are going. There is a universal feeling of a strong foundation.

How about higher notes? those with a lighter feel? The flutes or soprano singers, while there are definitely qualities that still remain rooted in the best musicians, going up high is automatically less stable than the lower notes. There is a sense of flightiness as the vibrations become faster. Higher notes being sung FEEL higher, like we are being raised up.

This is the power of music. We can describe the way music makes us feel, we also know that words will always fall short. But the agreement is that a good song, a good piece of music can move you. And things that move can be healed.

Modern Chakra takes a look at how healing music can be used to support your well being: a holistic approach to “sound science.” By looking at both the physical and the emotional/spiritual side of music one can apply it in their lives with more benefit.

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