Healing Stones are all Around

Healing Stone

Healing Stones provide stability while meditating. The properties of earth are present in your hand as you hold a stone and allow your mind to work. So saying “healing stones” is almost misleading as any stones of importance can help to heal you. As you continue to improve your whole self you will feel a connection to the Earth that is very real. But there may also be times when you can’t seem to get a foot hold in the world and spend too much time with your head in the clouds. That is a good time to look for stones.

You can begin looking for healing rocks by searching your own property. I mean that you can buy ready polished stones as well, but the most powerful stones will come from around where you live or have lived.

We know through physics that matter vibrates, so as we spend time living in a particular place our energies begin to meld together we as well as everything around us, harmonizing through entrainment, together. The energy does try to harmonize to make peaceful living. Holding a rock, it is vibrating regularly, it is stable, so we can sit with the rock and try to harmonize our energy, or vibrations, with the rock. This is not magic or tricks. We know about brainwave entrainment, and motion syncing together. We exist in the reality that we think about, so it would be the same for us. Stones and rocks that are pure and solid, in reality, provide you with stability. Find rocks and stones that represent what you are looking to achieve and use that stone as a reflection in meditation.

So if you want to embrace your community on better terms, go find a rock that is at one of the parks, or beaches, or rivers near you and bring it to your home. It has been there longer than you have and can help you find the balance. Meditate on what the rock has seen, what it has felt over the years. Try to really feel the energy it absorbed as glaciers melted and new life sprang forth. It carries the imprint of everything.

Find your personal Stone.

You can find special stones by wading through a river. Walk in a few feet and feel the cold water. Start searching around your legs for a nice stone or river rock. Hold a few in your hand and notice the sensations. When one feels right, take it home with you and now you have a new friend for meditation.

For those looking to find stones that heal but don’t have a river, just open your eyes! You will be amazed when you start looking what rocks you will uncover. They can be found anywhere and by allowing your intuition to guide you...how? By just stopping for a moment and telling yourself “ok, find a stone that feels right.” you can go for a walk tonight and find a stone.... don’t think about it, seriously that is the key, just go do it. Make the statement “I am going for a walk to find my healing stone” and then go do it.. if you repeat that thought, just stop it. This is a meditation exercise.... This is your stone.

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