Heart Chakra - Green Chakra - Anahata

The Heart Chakra is the seat of our emotional wisdom. Represented in Indian writings as a 12 petaled Green flower, we can see the color itself as a sign of abundance and growth. Our spiritual growth and expansion of our loving and understanding reside strongly in the Green Chakra.

Being the center energy for love and passion meditation and understanding of this chakra will bring about a feeling of patience and love, not only for yourself but for those around you as well. Love itself is patience, and a quick reflection on your Heart Chakra in a moment of stress can bring quick relief and a good understanding to why you feel the way you do.

Emotions are a form of intelligence, one that in our modern schooling system is completely overlooked in favor of our reasoning skills and intelligence located in our brain and frontal cortex. But the intelligence of emotions and their understanding are tools that can be applied to all situations, instead of some of the academic skills that we learn being only applied specifically and often with no real value other than something to measure by the school system.

The West has been stunted in full growth because of the lack of Green Chakra awareness, a lack of understanding why and how our emotions work. This, again, is done through many different methods, meditation being the core practice and different other schools of approach like yoga, reiki, tai chi, adding physical movement and practice.

If you find some reasoning and scientific understanding comforting I completely understand, it helps in my over all full body health as well. So you should understand that doctors and researchers are finding that the heart is made up of over 60% neural cells, or more easily understood as brain cells. Our heart is a thinking organ, it reacts, organizes and expresses our emotions which are a form of intelligence that allow us to interact with other human beings and recognize changes in our energy fields. Our emotions shift with our shift in energy and much of this being expressed emotionally. The Heart Chakra is essential on keeping this balance and healing energy and spiritual damage, AS WELL AS mental. A very strong part of your personal power.

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