Hot Yoga - It's all in the temperature

Hot yoga is actually quite self explanatory. The yoga itself is performed in conditions that are hotter and often more humid than normal. Many times this is done in an environmentally controlled room where steam and/or hot air are pumped into the practice area. As the temperature increases a different experience is undergone

Humans themselves do not have a great gauge of absolute temperature. But we do have a good grasp of relative temperature. We know when we walk into an air conditioned building on a hot summer day that we feel cooler, almost instantly. We also know when we walk back out again it will feel quite hotter than we initially thought. These temperatures make us act and feel differently. Many times hot weather will make us more lethargic, or cold temperatures have us curled under a blanket. Our bodies and spiritual selves respond to this change.

As you practice hot yoga one of the things you will notice is that at times your body does not feel different than the air around you. You almost lose the physical body to the environment. One way this can be explained is that we have energy that extends beyond our physical body. This energy is measured and studied by scientists, this includes heat and electromagnetic activity. When we feel a difference of temperature on our skin it lets us know where are bodies end and the rest of the environment begins. When you take away this temperature difference it is more difficult to perceive. We start to notice our more subtle energy bodies and their own interaction with the environment.

This yoga is not magical, but it does provide a unique experience to concentrate on your breath and body movements with a wonderful body sensation you would not normally have under your normal yoga conditions. Try out different temperatures in your normal yoga practice before moving to a full on hot yoga class. Go out in the sun at the park and practice your yoga, or maybe in a cool air conditioned room. Experiment on your own and then find a group class in your area and give this yoga environment a try.

Some ideas for you to start experimenting is to move a window air conditioner unit to your yoga practice area. Try cooler temperatures first and then do the same routine with the windows closed and the air conditioner off. The key is to notice the differences you feel between the two routines. This experience is bringing you new insight into your spiritual selves that would be otherwise hidden.

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