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Often referred to as the Yoga of Awareness, Kundalini Yoga provides a unique approach into realizing your spiritual and energy potential. We discussed Kundalini Here the coiled energy laying dormant inside of us can be awakened with proper technique and personal discipline. Kundalini applied to Yoga as a practice, or focus of a yoga school, is one of these particular disciplines focused strongly on awakening this power and developing a strong or complete spiritual awareness.

Much of the development, not just poses as the yoga part suggests, lies in meditation and breathing exercises. Clearing of your energy channels, not just the chakras but the subtle energy channels referred to as the nadis.

Something that modern chakra emphasizes is meditation and a focus on your chakra centers. Many Kundalini Yoga schools use chakra meditation as a primary tool to keep the pathways free and harmonized as well as provide the necessary energy to start to control and release your kundalini, your personal power.

It is important to take your own viewpoint on the different methods used to encourage spiritual growth and enlightenment. Traditions change and grow to suit the needs of the people, so do not get caught up in WHICH Yoga you should do, but just that you ARE using Yoga to enhance your awakening.

Western Views

Western Science is beginning to apply the scientific method to more and more of the Eastern Spiritual practices and finding positive results. Intuition really play the majority role in understanding our energy selves, as this energy is not of rational thought, nor would it function properly if it were. It is no less real then our brain power, but serves a function that our senses and rational brain do not register, at least not without practice and guidance.

Meditation lowers blood pressure and many of the exercises found in these practices combine movements and strength in such a way that a complete physical experience of one of these exercises or sets of exercises will provide power as well as stretching and lengthening of the body. During this whole process your mind, especially when working with a teacher, is brought back to the meditative point of the work you are doing. You concentrate on breath, take notice of subtle body changes, keep your balance. All these things increase your awareness, including your spiritual awareness, which an awakening really being our goal. It is nice to think of it as our awareness rising as we get up in the morning, there are stages we go through to become full aware, fully our physical selves. Meditation, Yoga, Tai Chi, etc provide the tools and guidance to bring us up through these stages.

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