Meditation for Beginners - Meditation for Everyone!

Meditation for beginners is designed to make the process and habit of meditation accessible to all those people who have no background in eastern philosophy. Maybe you have heard someone mention something about meditation. People talk about relieving stress through meditation, but often times a picture of a Buddhist Monk enters our mind and their lies our feelings and thoughts on meditation. It is possible you have viewed meditation as a very esoteric or strange ritual that is reserved for the more spiritual, or even for the liberals, or hippies of the world. Get that thought out of your head as you use this website as a guide.

Meditation is simply a tool to live a better life. Nothing more and nothing less. It does not work miracles any more than exercising everyday works miracles for a healthy body. In this case meditation is a mental, physical, and spiritual practice all wrapped into one. Spiritual in the sense that you want to continue to grow as a person, to better yourself in all areas and become a more complete human being. You do not have to have a devotion to a god, a diety, or any specifics beliefs at all. Meditation is non-denominational, non-judgemental, an experience for every person from all ages, sizes, colors and creeds. Meditation is for beginners as much as for the Zen monks you picture in your head.

Meditation for beginners starts with realizing that your brain needs time to rest, to get a break from your every day thoughts. The thoughts of your conscious brain, such as what movie you want to watch, what to say to a client, when to do work, when to shower, those day to day activities that require you to make a decision. Your brain, including all your nerves and organs as well, simply need time to just be. To recharge themselves but in a deliberate manner. Just as you exercise your body to become fit, meditation helps you live a fit life. Emotions become less controlling, stress starts to melt away, and those things most important to you take precedence in your life. You find balance. It all starts with 5 minutes of deep breathing.

Take your first step right now and sit comfortably in your chair and relax your muscles as you breath deeply into your belly. Make sure to avoid breathing into your chest... if your shoulders rise you are breathing too high up in your lungs. Your belly should move in an out and your shoulders should stay put. Pay attention to your breath. Set a timer if you need it for 5 minutes. Let yourself just be... if thoughts enter your head just concentrate back on your breath. Remain an observer of your thoughts as they flow by.

Next up from meditation for beginners... Meditation techniques.

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