Meditation for Confidence

Meditation for confidence is a meditation exercise and discussion designed for you to recognize your potential as a unique and contributing human being. You may think of confidence as your ability to express yourself without being afraid. To contribute to the world by sharing what you know and how you know things and have fear never be a factor in deciding whether or not to give to this world. Every single person has something to contribute that is not only meaningful, but essential for the continued growth of the human race.

It is only through our sharing of what we know that keeps us growing in all areas of our lives. To meditate for confidence means recognizing your strengths and weaknesses and fitting them into your life in a more balanced way. There is something that you offer to the world that no single other person, in all of history or will ever be, has to offer. You are unique in this identity and making the most of your time here will reap you benefits in all areas imaginable.

Meditation for confidence starts with a pen and some paper. Think about and write down those areas in which you want more confidence. Maybe a speaking engagement is coming up and you need confidence in your voice. A big test may be on its way and you want your potential to shine not your fear. Maybe socially you want to approach another person and have found yourself never following through. Write this down. Now think of the most likely thing that could happen that would be negative. Do no go extreme just think of the thing you are afraid of that confidence would override. In the case of approaching a potential dating partner or a boss for a raise, the most likely worst case scenario would be they say “no.”

What would you do now? Well after the no, you move on, look for another job, look for another person to talk to. That is the WORST case. You can move on from that. In reality the no is probably a good thing as it saves you a lot of trouble of dating the wrong person or staying in a bad job. Confidence allows you to figure out that there are going to be “no’s” in your life that are actually beneficial.... so now even the worst case is something good. Meditate on this thought, that each place you lack confidence is only an area of inaction on your part, and that your consequences are not nearly as dire as you imagine. Use meditation for confidence as you continue to picture yourself calmly in this situation as you relax your mind and body.

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Meditation for Confidence Mantras

I am in control of my destiny

Hearing no is not a bad thing

I only fail when I give up, not when I do

Fear has no place in my life

I have something amazing to offer the world

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