Meditation for Energy - Root Chakra Power

Meditation for energy is designed to maximize the use of your root chakra and to use the energy around you and meditate on energy balance. Many people find themselves very tired at certain points in the day and need to get more energy flowing to finish tasks at work or home. Grabbing another cup of coffee will not give you that focused energy you are really looking for and can keep you up at night. This is self sourced energy that can be encouraged through concentrating on your root chakra.

To do this particular meditation for energy it is a good idea to stand up and loosen your muscles and joints a bit. Just get out of your chair, or step away from your work station, and just do a few twists to get your blood flowing. There is no trick here, getting your blood flowing will help increase energy. Now stand up straight but only around 80%-90% of perfect posture. Being alert but relaxed is the key. If you have a crystal like a sunstone or another red gem you can hold it in your hand and cradle it near your root chakra as you stand.

Now take 7 deep breaths deep into your belly and clear your mind. Now picture your root chakra glowing deeply red. The root chakra is our physical chakra and will concentrate your energy on your physical body for the time being to help you get that extra burst of energy you are looking for. Remember that this particular meditation for energy is not the only way to get your energy flowing, but should help many of you sitting out there in front of computers.

Continue to stand upright from 5-10 minute depending on your schedule. As you stand there picture the energy from your red chakra flowing throughout your body, filling up your hands and feet, your legs and arms, and creating a sense of strong warmth. This is your life energy aligning itself for your benefit. Try thinking about physical activities you may enjoy doing like biking, running, yoga, walking or any sport. Let that motivation keep your mind alert through the use of imagination and fuel the root chakra by concentrating on a physical activity.

Slowly let yourself out of the meditative state and continue on your productive day.

Meditation for Energy Mantras

I am strong and healthy

I am filled with healthy energy

My root chakra gives me strength

Balance my energy between body and mind

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