Meditation for Grief - From Sadness to Appreciation

Meditation for grief is one way to approach the grieving process. Meditation can be very helpful for grieving, but you should keep in mind that there are times speaking with other people, family, friends or even professionals is just as important. Approach your grief with your own unique perspective, recognizing that it is ok to be sad, to cry, and to miss something lost in your life.

The emotions will be very strong if you are grieving for a loved one who is no longer living. The ache in your heart will be a real one and should not be dismissed. Some of the energy from the person that you were harmonizing with has now taken another form. Your heart chakra and others will feel this loss. Meditation for grief encourages the concentration on the heart chakra and root chakra for these trying times. This way you can start healing while still staying grounded. Keeping a routine will encourage a more fruitful and speedy grieving process.

This meditation for grief can take about 15 minutes... though of course the time you choose is best for you. For 5 minutes write down what you are grieving about, a loved ones name, a missed opportunity, anything that you could be grieving about. Hold a picture of that image in your mind. In this case, if it is a loved one, imagine them in your mind’s eye and begin to experience the emotions that will arise. You will probably start crying, but that is good, tears help release excess emotion, that is why you cry when very sad or very happy... the body can not handle such an upwelling of feelings that it start to release water.

Let yourself cry, let yourself be sad, and as this process continues start to step away from the emotion and see the person for who they are, their wonderful selves without any emotion attached. Start to appreciate the wonderful thing they contributed to your life and how you can start to apply them in your life right now. This can be a long transition but make every small effort to step away from your emotion, as it feels right, and carry on the qualities you see that make you appreciate that person so much. Make this a daily habit, or even a few times a day, to decrease the amount of time spent being remorseful.

Meditation for Grief Mantras

This too shall pass

I am grateful for all in my life

Love does not die

My emotions are real but can be observed

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