Meditation for Guidance

This meditation for guidance is going to keep it very simple. Meditation will allow you to fall into a state of mind where ideas can easily flow and your subconscious mind can present to you the best options for whatever you are seeking guidance on. What this means is that you are going to have to ask....

We often think that we are just our brains, just our thinking selves. The part that goes to work, has a family and plays outdoors, but you are more than just that person. When you sleep at night you are not doing all those things that make you, you. Yet you are very much still alive, still a person. What you have to now realize is that the brain itself is just another part of you that is a tool you can use. Just as you use your arms and hands for grasping, you use your brain for more complex functions, like seeking future guidance. The key is blocking out the noise.

So a meditation for guidance begins with you sitting in front of your favorite piece of paper, holding a pen writing the following “I would like guidance on ________” and you fill in that blank. Now say it outloud so that you hear it as well as see it. What you are doing is prepping your mind to work on this problem, in this case to meditate or “be” with finding guidance. By having this be your main though, all that brainpower can focus on finding you a solution.

With this particular meditation, as pictures and ideas enter your mind do not judge them, which is normal for meditation. Do not think they are good or bad ideas... but what you should do with meditation for guidance is to have your pen and paper ready for when an idea “feels” right. It is one that makes you go “Ah Ha!” There would be no confusion in this instance of “is this a good idea or bad?” you just know. If that happens then write it down! This is a key piece to your guidance.

Even if you do not have an “ah ha” moment that is ok, just write down the images that you saw, or the ideas that entered your head as you leave the meditative state. Begin to work with these ideas and repeat the meditation as needed. Eventually the images become clearer and clearer and the solution presents itself to you.

Meditation for Guidance Mantras

I have a clear vision

My future is clear to me

I know what to do next

I would like guidance on________

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