Meditation for Healing: Your Inner Strength

Meditation for healing is designed to supplement other techniques and practices that you may use to become a healthy individual, including doctors and other holistic methods. Meditation has a natural healing property physically in that it is effectively done with a very relaxed body and with little strain. While some meditation may involve physical activities, in this case we are talking about meditation in a relaxed state.

One way that meditation can aid in healing is by programming positive beliefs about a particular healing technique. Such as if you break a bone and it is put in a cast. Meditation for healing can be done so that the particular ailment will be the focus of healing light and meditation. If you are receiving ongoing treatment for major things like cancer or blood disorders, it is wise to spend time everyday meditating on the fact that you are becoming healthier and that the treatments are working.

We know that we are body and mind, and these two working together for the same goal on all levels will bring about faster healing. Keep this in mind for any minor ailment as well. If you burn your finger, or stub your toe, you can train yourself to instantly be aware of the pain without feeling it inside. Just as you learn to detach yourself from thoughts and feelings, you can also detach from physical pain. In moments of overwhelming sensation become the observer not the one who reacts.

As with all dedicated meditations on this site, meditation for healing implores the use of pen and paper to further focus your meditation. Here write down the ailment that you are currently experiencing. List the way it makes you feel, thought and emotions that come to mind. At the end of the writing period write out “I am stronger than this.” And begin to relax.

As you begin to relax your body, moving through the limbs relaxing muscles one by one. As you get to an area in the body most discomforted by an ailment concentrate even more on that zone. As you slip deeper into the meditative state begin to picture a healing white light glowing from inside the pained location. This light is sending healing energy to your cells, to your DNA, it is programming your mind and body to bring that area into harmony. You are powerful, you truly are, do not put any of this past you out of humility. The inner strength is always the strongest.

As you leave your meditation for healing repeat the following mantra “Everyday, in everyway, I becoming better and healthier.” Repeat for a few minutes as you picture the healing light doing its work. You do not judge, just observe the power of yourself.

Meditation for Healing Mantras

My treatment is working

I am becoming healthier everyday

I have the strength to heal

Love heals all wounds

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