Meditation for Inner Peace

Meditation for inner peace focuses on directly stilling the mind instead of just giving it intention as you have in other meditations. Instead of working to just observe your thoughts, which has its place in your existence you will work on letting your mind be clear of thought. These could be considered moments of Zen, where you are at peace with everything around you. While other times you will have emotion attached to your experience there will be times when everything feels in place. This is the inner peace you are looking for, where the outside environment does not dictate your inner experience.

Harmonizing With the World Around You

Inner peace dictates how you harmonize with the world around you. When you still your mind, body, and spirit the energy of the universe flows through you as part of you not as something separate. So your experiences do not have the intense feelings that you can so often prescribe to different times in your life. Instead the moment feels exactly in place. So to get there you need to start to combine the opposites in your life. There is no bad or good, right or wrong, there just is. So when judgement stops you are on your way, as you stop judging your thoughts you can start to let them melt away.

Start Your Meditation for Inner Peace

Meditation for Inner Peace is a longer process than other specific meditations, as anything worthwhile takes work! Spend time everyday writing down your thoughts, get them out of your head, this is particularly key to the journey. As you write them down allow yourself to judge them right or wrong, good or bad thoughts. Then put down why you think this is so. Why do you think this is wrong? Why is this a good thing to you?

Here is the key to this exercise.... next, write down a suggestion for yourself on how a situation you deemed good could be seen as bad, and a time you saw as bad or wrong, as a time that could be good or right. You are training your mind to see both sides of the coin, to conceptualize balance in the world around you.

As you fall deeper into meditation instead of just observing your thoughts as you do in other meditations, meditation for inner peace works on blanking your mind out of all thought. To do this concentrate on your breath if you start to think. Just observe your breath, not thoughts about your breath, but the act itself. This will get you out of your thinking self and into your physical body. Then concentrate on the body relaxing as you harmonize with the energy around you. To do this just imagine in your mind, energy flowing seamlessly through your body. As things melt away, as pure existence takes over, you will begin to be at peace.