Meditation for Job Interviews

Meditation for job interviews is a visualization and meditation exercise designed to help you prepare for meeting people, answering questions, and staying confident. There is no substitution for preparation, getting to know the company and the people you will be working side by side with. An honest resume, and confidence are the key to a successful job searching process. Once you get the chance to get in front of the hiring people you want your true self and ability to shine through. Meditation for job interviews can help with that preparation.

After preparing thoroughly by researching your potential employer get yourself ready for the meditation by getting a notebook and a pen. Sit down in a comfortable position and begin to write three main reasons why you would want this position. Allow yourself a few moments to think about what makes them a best fit for you and not worry about if they think you fit them. The interview is a two way street, preparing as such will allow you to come up with real questions to ask.

After you write down your ideas being to relax your mind and body and let those concepts rest on your mind. Allow them to become more a part of your person, how do things three things make you a more complete person. After you fit yourself in this picture you begin to imagine explaining this your potential employers. No judgement or worry, just imagine you are explaining why you fit well, do this after you are calm and your mind is not judging.

As you come out of your meditation state, after 15 minute or so, tell yourself mentally or out loud, that you will “show my best at my job interview by just being myself.” This will help overcome the nerves hurdle that everyone faces, and really find out if a job is the right thing for you or not. Before entering the interview room, take 7 deep breaths, smile and walk in with a humble confidence.

Meditation for Job Interviews Mantras

I am prepared and confident
The right job will find me
I am humble but confident in front of others
I belong where I am appreciated

Modern Chakra Home - from Meditation for Job Interviews