Meditation for Love

Meditation for love focuses on the heart chakra and taking negative energy and filtering through this green energy center so that love fills your life. Many times when people are looking for love it is more a matter of self love than finding the right person, or right environment. When you begin to filter your thoughts and emotions through love amazing things begin to happen. Love enters your life through every channel.

To begin meditating for love take time to read over the heart chakra (green chakra) and its role in your entire chakra system. As you begin to conceptualize what it means to be an energy being you will start to realize that love is an energy as well, one that you have the amazing ability to create. Meditation helps with this focus. Energy gets transferred and transformed but it always remains energy, so those things in your life that get filtered through love help to arrange your life in a positive manner.

Start your love meditation by taking out your meditation notebook or a piece of paper and pen. Write down the word “Love” on the paper and write your own personal definition of what love is to you.

Ex: Love is my ability to appreciate my life
Love is kindness for one another
Love is a powerful force helping to create a wonderful life

Ease your way into a fuller relaxation state by finding a comfortable sitting or laying down position. Picture your muscles losing their tension as a white light starts growing in your heart chakra. Focus on your heart and use your minds eye to imagine this white light filling up your body. Be aware that there is energy coming from outside yourself as well and that it is being absorbed and changed by your own personal light. Imagine your heart chakra energy emanating out from your body and warming your environment.

Let your thoughts and emotions, as they arise during your meditation for love, filter through this energy as well. Pay attention to how it feels to change the energy around you. Sit or lay in this warm glow for as long as you like. As you leave your meditation, gently smile at the beautiful world around you. Let your love shine throughout the day. As negative energy arises, remember what it felt like to filter your thoughts and emotions through love, and take a moment to get to that state.

Meditation for Love Mantras

Love is powerful and wonderful
My love is the light of the world
Love is patience and appreciation

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