Meditation for Sleep - Preparing for Bed

Meditation for sleep is designed to prepare your mind and body for a restful and healthy sleep. Meditation in and of itself, with no particular emphasis on sleep help will encourage healthy sleep patterns none the less. One of the ways that meditation helps sleeping patterns is allowing those reoccurring and stubborn thoughts to become less noisy. I am sure you know the ones I am talking about, the thoughts that run around your head right before trying to sleep that keep you up with worry or excitement. Meditation allows you to appreciate these thoughts and ideas without letting them control your mind. You can learn to shut them off when needed.

Once you fall asleep meditation continues its health benefits by allowing your physical body to relax as well. Practicing meditation means you have learned to relax you body when you want it relaxed and carrying this over to your nighttime routine will give you even more benefits.

If you are going to start meditation for sleep it is best to begin the ritual actually at the time before you are planning to go to bed. Give yourself 15 minutes of time to go through this meditation. Start your meditation in a different room than the one you plan on sleeping in. Relax your mind and body like you would start any meditation. Just take in a few deep breaths, sit or lay comfortably throughout the session. As you finish your first few deep breaths turn on your imagination just a little and picture yourself walking from where you are now to your bed, or couch, or wherever you lay your head for sleep. Just picture yourself getting up and walking to your bed, laying down, and with an easy mind watch yourself as you easily fall asleep. Picture this in your mind’s eye. No sense of urgency, just a routine. Replay this a few times.

After a few run throughs your mind and body now start to form a routine of what going to bed looks like, what it is to prepare for sleep. As your meditation drifts a bit deeper take yourself to a calm and peaceful place in your mind’s eye. One that is simple but beautiful and calms you down. Maybe it is a favorite river, or a seaside beach, or just a quiet room where you have no worry. If you are struggling to picture a calm place, just picture a blue sky with a few clouds rolling through, nothing more. You are training your mind to be free and clear after walking to your bed to sleep.

Meditation for sleep first gives you the framework for getting up and going to bed, what it actually looks like, you practice it in your mind. Then you follow it up with feelings and sensations of calm. 15 minutes have gone by and now you get up and walk toward your bed just as you pictured in your mind. A few sessions over a week and you will find your routine bringing you fresh and sound sleep.

Meditation for Sleep Mantras

I understand new concepts easily

My mind is ready to focus

Concentration is becoming easier and easier

I enjoy preparing

My focus is laser sharp

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