Top 10 Meditation Tips

Meditation Tips: Wooden Buddha

Meditation Tips:

#1 No time spent meditating is every wasted, so you never need to feel frustrated

#2 Be like Water. Let your thoughts remain clear and flowing

#3 Make Meditation a Habit

#4 Find a Meditation group in your area

#5 Read quotes on Meditation and Life from the Masters (Buddha, Jesus, Einstein, Aristotle, Chinese Proverbs). A further meditation tip would be to use a quote as the focal point for a meditation session...

#6 Relax

#7 Change unhealthy thought patterns

#8 Use binaural beats and modern technology to aid your meditation

#9 Do not take yourself too seriously

#10 When in doubt focus on love.

As you meditate you will find that there will be an increase of personal tips that you should try to implement yourself. These are going to be the strongest and most useful of anything you could ever read. If you come up with great tips, join the Modern Chakra Facebook Group and share on our wall!

What does this mean for you?

Take these top ten as lightly or as seriously as you need. It is not meant to be anything other than a ten thoughts that can guide you as you meditate, as you thinking about meditating, or to help pass through any frustration. A good idea would be to come up with your own top ten list as you discover what techniques and ideas work best in your personal journey.

It is never a bad idea to keep a journal or document that gives you some written/visual map into your process. Using the analytical mind, the mind of reason, as a tool in life can be a good thing as long as you do not let it get too loud! There is no part of you that is extra, each part serves the whole on many and different levels, but interact with all the other systems. The key is balance, a meditation journal of your own will help give you insight as to those areas that are out of balance.

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