Opening the Third Eye

Opening the Third Eye Chakra can be achieved through meditation. Now what to expect is really up to the individual perspective. It can almost be guaranteed that one session in attempts to open the third eye will not bring about any drastic results to your life or being. As spoken about in the the Third Eye Chakra page it is the idea of spiritual vision that you are gathering from this energy center.

Opening the Third Eye Chakra

What this means to you is that opening an eye, any eye, that has not been used for an extended period of time will take effort and adjustment to see clearly. The results of clarity are in doubt worth the effort as your problems begin to have clearer and easier solutions presented to you. The answers to many questions seem much closer and readily available the more you look for guidance from the third eye chakra.

This is real vision in any non specific scientific use of the word. Vision gives you the ability to see from new reference points things that were clouding up your whole field of “sight” both spiritual and physical. The benefits of seeing are obvious to those reading this page right now so what are some things you can do to get started.

Meditation for Opening the Third Eye

Firstly, you can start by closing your eyes and imagine seeing from the space between your two eyes, or slightly above for some individuals. Imagine looking through this opening and while doing so keep your physical eyes still, you do not want to strain your actual eyes in this exercise as they are not what you are trying to see with. Focus on looking over the horizon and slightly above, this will keep focus on more your forehead and the third eye than other areas.

Secondly, you can use different crystals and gemstones that have a blue to indigo hue. We know that the third eye chakra corresponds to the color Indigo, so purple amethyst, and even bluer hue stones like turquoise can be place on the third eye to aid in meditation.

Thirdly, while relaxed and a few minutes into meditation, tell your subconscious mind what “vision” you would like to have. Are you looking for overall spiritual vision and guidance, or is there a specific problem you can not seem to solve? State your intention, this step will begin to bring about manifestation of what you are looking to see, and should not be skipped or at least not attempted.

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