Positive Quotes

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Positive Quotes

We all have fear. Of failing, of destroying relationships, of causing ill feelings in life in general. This is due to negative self programming and is something that if you take action on to correct through self affirmations and proper techniques, will change your life for the best...

Positive Quotes to feed your mind and soul Replace the "you" with "I" when telling them to yourself. I am affirming to you that these are all true about yourself.

1.) You are the master of your own destiny and You can do anything You can


2.) Your mind has infinite potential and once You put it to use, You perform at

genius level

3.) Failures are not indicators of your ability, they are vital experiences

4.) You am capable of succeeding in every area of life

5.) You accept the impossible as possible

6.) You are brilliant

7.) You are a hard worker

8.) You are organized

9.) You follow through on Your projects

10.) You are in control of your finances

11.) You are confident

12.) You eat healthy

13.) You exercise

14.) You are a good person

15.) You are a dreamer and a doer

16.) You are a good lover

17.) You are a good friend

18.) You are a good girlfriend/boyfriend

19.) You are loving

20.) You are influential

21.) Your influence grows everyday

26.) You don’t stress

27.) You are at peace with the world

28.) You let things roll off your back

29.) You maintain a laid back attitude

30.) Life is good

Bonus: Positive quotes improve your well being.

These quotes really are incredibly powerful. The more we start to realize that our brains act similar to computers, which should come to no surprise since we have created computers, the more we can understand how to increase our potential. We feed certain programs into a computer, certain concepts, or what we could think of as "thoughts." They tell the computer how to run, what to look for and what to do with that data. Imagine that our thoughts are mini software instructions given to our brain to execute different functions.

So if we want a computer to run a program that finds all our documents that and other peoples' documents that contain the word "pizza" that is exactly what it is going to do. Most likely it will then display back website that give you words and images associated with "pizza." The reality of the computer becomes that focused and based are this word.

Now take a positive thought and apply the same idea to our brain as we would a computer. We tell our brain what to look for in the world and then this is what it pays attention to, we then act on that information creating more of a reality that is based around that thought. Tell yourself that you are healthy and you start to see more instances of it, and then more and more because seeing those things feeds in more ideas, more information for the brain to process and since it is all related to the idea of being healthy it is reinforcing system.

So tell yourself the things you would like to see and do in this world and it will literally start to become your reality. Reread the list above and think about how much more you would benefit if you started programming your mind with those positive thoughts. Imagine finding less stressful and more efficient ways to work by tell yourself to look for these ideas. It is a simple concept but the power is obvious and it is immense.

We clean up our desktops frequently, we clean out our inbox, we organize. Doing this allows things to flow more freely through our lives. We need this cleaning and organizing for the mind. Having a clean and well running brain will give you the proper platform to place these thoughts. One of the first steps in finding ways to be happy in life is meditation:

Meditation Techniques - from Positive Quotes

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