Prana Power

What is prana power as it relates to those understanding the chakras and meditation? It can be simply seen as another word for life energy, the same as chi (qi) in chinese culture, universal energy, the sustaining force of existence, the great cosmic force in new age ideals. These all describe well the function of prana as the descriptions give its importance. The stuff that underpins it all.

In most concepts of prana it can be absorbed in breath, and in some ways that it is simply breath: our vital life force.

The air we breathe and how we breathe it in helps in the centering of prana and has a strong role in other related schools of thought like prana yoga, which is yoga with an emphasis on the breath. Because our heart beat correlates with the prana, as well as oxygen we breath in, the heart beat is part of the prana system as well. The heart distributes this energy throughout our bodies. Meditating on the Heart Chakra will allow you to more fully realize the understand of cosmic prana and its benefits.

The regulation of this life force is done through our breathing as mentioned above. How we control our breath translates to the outward way we live our lives. Measured and thorough with focus, or erratic and short with stress. Prana power is meditating on this life cosmic energy to bring about prana healing. Allowing the inner energy of ourselves and the energy of the universe to heal itself. It is important to realize that prana is not the air we breath itself, or only breathing, but that is the more these things are the entrance to the world of prana energy.

Some in the Western world who keep an open mind can liken this as a source code. The underlying basis of our existence but in spiritual and humanistic terms. I am not saying one is the other but only drawing on the analogy. The ‘1’s and ‘0’s are not the objects of programs themselves, but every program contains them. This flows throughout without yet being a particular thing, and is in fact part of all things.

Qi, prana power, cosmic energy, life force, the force, quantum physics all these terms can be attached to the same idea, that there is a substance or un-substance that permeates all of existence, an underlying energy, or code, or consciousness that gives birth to all things.

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