Understanding Reiki Healing

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Reiki healing is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes well being using healing hands and personal energy. While the development date of the technique is credited to a Japanese Buddhist Monk, Mikao Usui in 1922, the underlying principle of life energy has been around a very long time and has taken form in many different cultures. Reiki can be seen as an attempt to standardize and record a mostly oral tradition that taught the techniques and knowledge used to encourage and use this life energy in a healing fashion.

While this description is accurate and and wonderful for its brevity, the benefits of Reiki healing far surpass simple stress reduction or relaxation, though these benefits are seen. The real art form is in the achieving of balance on all levels of our being and remaining in-tune with the harmonies, energies, the vibrations of life. Understanding and working with these energy fields allow for mental, spiritual and physical strength building in a holistic manner.

Reiki healing gives this energy ideal a focus on practitioner and “patient.” There are different training levels that one can go through to become a practitioner, or a person can simply seek the services of healer. That hands, as well as specific symbols, play a major role in transferring and feeling the energy being emitted and received from the body. This is the reason it is sometimes referred to palm healing or hands on healing. There are certain locations around the body, that are concentrated on depending on the desired outcome or benefit. Two schools of thought as to where and what these locations are have formed:

Traditional Japanese which focuses on intuition and Western style which focuses on more systematized approach to hand positions and energy centers. These two seem to reflect the relative outlook of each culture. The eastern ideals giving more of a natural and free form and the western putting down the findings of these intuitive ventures so that the knowledge can be passed on more specifically. Modern Chakra strongly believes that a combination of these outlooks are essential to modern day balance. (Please see Eastern Philosophy)

Now, there have been studies done to see scientifically if these techniques are actually effective, but to no conclusion. A simple explanation is that even if a doctor gives you a blood pressure lowering medicine, if you continue to drink, smoke, and eat red meat your blood pressure will most likely not return to healthy levels. Just as if you receive an energy healing session but then do not meditate on your own or seek to change your habits to achieve balance, the session will only be a quick fix and its lasting benefits not achieved.

There is a strong correlation between believing and accepting that something will be beneficial and that particular something actually being helpful. Medicines change the chemistry of the mind and body, so fear, so does weather, so do many things. When our brain is harmony with the rest of the universe and the energy that surrounds us, the results are marvelous. That being said, there has been millennium of practice and knowledge seeking that is applied to all these different spiritual art forms which should be seen as beneficial and not simply a matter of believing all its own.

Being happy, at peace, is all about coming into balance and using our energy for healing to harmonize with ourselves and those around us. Reiki is the art-form and we are the canvas. Just as with painting or sculpture we can choose to enjoy the art and benefit in that way or we can become artists ourselves.

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