Root Chakra - Red Chakra -Muladhara

Root Chakra, Muladhara, Red Chakra

Glowing with red energy, the root chakra helps in our quest to stay grounded. Through meditation you begin to become aware of your energy body. Remember that the key to a wonderful life journey is balance, so spending too much time focusing on your energy and meditating on enlightenment and vision, can cause your other Chakra centers to need attention.

The Root Chakra is neglected the most during our spiritual journeys, and it is by meditating and utilizing the Red Chakra that we can again begin to feel grounded. You have a physical body for a reason so do not forget to share your time with your full self.

In a modern day view of the brain, we see that at the core of our brains the instinctual and survival mechanisms that allow us to function as we do. Of our physical being, these are the root programs running our bodies, just as chakras have their root, the red chakra, in the area of our reproductive organs, the primal and procreative energy center. This energy wheel spins red as it charges our basic instincts and security reserve.

To note: Tibetan Buddhism does not have a root chakra in this position, but two wheels instead placed differently emphasizing the reproductive organ. It is not surprising, with its history of spiritual awareness, that Buddhism does not recognize the chakra most associated with a physical, or "rooted" position. To be rooted is to recognize separateness and to be separate is not Nirvana.

Crystal Healing Work with Muladhara

Activities physical in nature, meditating on the root chakra, and crystal work will provide you with the necessary environments and techniques to help you feel grounded again. If you can find Red Tiger's Eye, it is not expensive and a local healing store or any online retailer will have an inexpensive gem for you to work with. Red Tiger's Eye already has the advantage of being red in nature, and therefore more effective when we work with our root. Tiger's eye is also known for its ability to pull the spiritual and physical together, as just a glance at its structure reveals both a crystalline purity and a metallic and earthy harmony. Truly a beautiful stone and as useful as it is easily adorned.

People often wear chakra jewelry, which can be specific in nature, such as a pendant or ring that has a crystal that works well with a particular chakra. It is best not to get caught up in wondering if "I am using the right stone/crystal" although some may be more effective than others, all cleansed and intended gemstones will work positively with any and all areas of your being.

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