Salt Crystal Lamps: Himalayan and others

Salt Crystal Lamps

Himalayan Salt Crystal lamps are one of nature's natural air purifiers. Salt itself is an incredibly powerful food/drug that has fueled both our food industry and medicine industry. But it is also very misunderstood by a majority of our culture. We associate salt with heart disease and as a substance we should avoid. However, it is an essential part of our diet and well being and something like Sodium Chloride, table salt, is really a man made chemical compound that tastes “salty” but really is a very far cry from the nutritional and mineral filled salts of the ocean and the earth.

Do you think salt is bad for you?

Do not think that salt is a bad thing for your environment or body. Media and pharmaceuticals have used this as more of a scare tactic than an educational opportunity. Of course large amounts of sodium chloride is not healthy for your system. But remember this is not true salt anyways, this is laboratory chemicals that taste salty that are a salt compound, but not the salt your body needs anyways.

Quick Note: It is best to you sea salt in your cooking as this contains all the materials that your body gets from natural salt and I promise you it tastes a LOT better. I am really pretty amazed. My girlfriend is quite a pasta eater and really does not make a fuss about taste but now even she is reaching for the sea salt instead of the shaker. It just seems to enhance the flavor more fully, across a broader spectrum instead of just tasting salty, you taste the meal you are actually eating, just more fully.

Salt Crystal Lamps as Air Purifiers

Most of the dust and particles floating around in your house or apartment are actually human skin cells. No need to be grossed out, but dust is really just our skin cells as they fall off and accumulate over time. These dust particles can cause lung irritation and breathing issues.

So what do salt crystal lamps do? Well they are an incredibly powerful producers of negative ions, especially and mostly when heated. These negative ions attach themselves to particles in the air. This weighs down the dust and other particles and instead of being blown about and traveling through the room, and into your lungs, they fall to the floor for much easier and more efficient clean-up.... and saves your nose from irritation.

Where can you get salt crystal lamps? I bought my salt candle lamp from a local holistic boutique. A nice area store that caters to things like handmade and fair trade products as well as crystals and healing jewelry.

The basic construction of these lamps is a chunk of salt that has been chipped into a nice hunk of crystal. There is then a hole that is drilled out, in this case the size of a tea candle. So that is what I do, I drop a tea candle in, it glows with a beautiful pink (as these crystals tend to have a pinkish glow) and release negative ions into the air purifying it in the process. I believe my particle lamp, very simple in nature, cost around $15 which is right around the lowest price for a candle salt crystal lamp. There are electric versions and even usb powered lamps as well.

You can also purchase Himalayan salt crystals to put in your bath. I do not know if anyone has had this experience, but growing up I used to have quite bad skin, pimples, there I said it. But I would go on vacation every year with a buddy of mine and his family and spend a week on the beach on the Atlantic Ocean. After that week, without fail, my face would clear up and my hair and skin would feel great. I decided to start shaving off some of the salt lamp and actually using that salt as a shower scrub as well. My skin has never felt better and softer.

There are many different kinds of salts, and the ones that are found naturally tend to hold the most beneficial compounds. The minerals found in natural salt, especially Himalayan Salt, are bountiful and essential. Heating up the lamp with a candle or bulb releases ions and these radiates the energy of these minerals and substances. It cleanses on a few different levels, just make sure to sweep and dust afterward!

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