Solar Plexus Chakra

Solar Plexus Chakra, Yellow Chakra, Manipura

The Solar Plexus chakra and the physical location of the solar plexus can be found about 2 inches above your belly button. It is important to note thought that the energy center is inside your body radiating out and not located on the surface. Picture these region as a yellow light furnace that glows behind our stomach. The actual physical makeup of this region is a complex bundle of nerves, a very important physical as well as energy area. We can make a much easier connection to how this region is powerful by remembering that the corresponding physical area is also a very special region itself. This is not a coincidence. The other chakras are also located in areas where major physical regions exist as well: think the brain and heart.

The yellow chakra is second up from the bottom of our main seven chakras and the lower the chakra location the more it is in control of the physical aspects of our bodies. Climbing up the body moves to more mental and cerebral and spiritual energy centers. The solar plexus being located in the stomach region is a factor in taking care of our digestive and metabolic systems. Because of this quality many people suffering from allergy and diet problems would benefit greatly from working on the solar plexus energy center

All the food that we put into our body has nutritional as well as energetic value. The different colors of food have an inherent color quality that reflects a certain wavelength of light and allows us to to see it as such. But this is a real quality, a quality that affects light and therefore affects energy itself. Remembering this will allow you to be more aware of the energy you put in your body not only in how many calories, but what kinds of food. We know light is important and contains all the colors of the rainbow so our diet should reflect this as well. After meditating on the this chakra finding and eating the proper foods will be easier and digestion more efficient and less complicated.

On a spiritual/emotional level this yellow chakra is responsible for personal issues involving fears. Fear includes anxiety of all sorts and using this chakra can regulate your personal empowerment allowing you to achieve more and move from your base emotions to a more enlightened point of view. You will find that solar plexus chakra is a powerful regulator of all personal growth and development.

Meditation Tip: Try using yellow citrine and place it above your solar plexus chakra for enhanced benefits during meditation.

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