A Look at Tai Chi Energy

Tai Chi Energy

You need to understand Tai Chi energy o start practicing T’ai Chi movements. Meditating on a few ideals will will provide you the proper starting ground. The first is that we are energy beings. We radiate heat, electromagnetic waves, brain waves, gravity, and other energies that we cannot even measure (as of yet). These are real and physical, the electromagnetic waves of our heart can be detected by medical equipment today. This is our personal energy, it is not a metaphor for your power to achieve or a spiritual energy, it is real, it can be controlled and manipulated for our benefit.

T’ai Chi focuses on movements of the body, stillness of the mind, and proper breathing to help us to become aware of and move this energy. The Tai Chi energy is expressed in T’ai Chi forms that are spoken about as particular series of movements that move this energy in a particular motion. So to be the most effective during practice one should try envisioning the energy that you cannot “see” with your minds eye and see it move along with your movements.

The first movement of the short form of T’ai Chi is a circular motion with your hands. So here is one way to imagine the energy... picture in your hand a sparkler, or a glow stick, and now move that item really quickly. You can see that the light forms shapes as you move it around. Swinging it in a circle will give you a circle of light as you continue to move. This shoulds then be translated to the T’ai Chi circle form you are making but on a subtle level.

Our energies are often subtle, which means they do not present themselves easily to our main senses. We cannot always see the heat or the brainwaves that come from our body, but they real none the less. They are powerful (do not confuse subtle with weak). This is the long term power and potential that each human carries with them. Going through T’ai Chi forms and movements help you to learn how to direct the energy, to help the energy flow where needed.

A very real benefit of T’ai Chi is itself ability to form personal discipline. What I mean is that you gain control over who you are. We all feel out of control at times, where are mind or bodies seem to have a mind of their own and we can just sit and watch. The other interesting point is that these points of being out of control rarely are spoken about positively. Hence why staying in control is so important for a positive and forward looking life.

The more you understand how you work, how your energy flows, and how you can control this part of you, the more you can achieve and the more balanced you will feel in every area of your life.

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