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There may be a misunderstanding of exactly what Tantric Yoga entails. There are definitely two components to initially look at: Tantra and Yogic traditions. We have looked at the essentials of yoga on another page in this website here. And we will explore Tantra or the Tantric Methodology/Philosophy/Way of living.

Let us start at the fact that Tantric Yoga is a combination and understanding of the whole self. Both disciplines and teachings in these practices focus on the individual as the whole, understanding the macrocosm by understanding ourselves, the microcosm. It is a philosophy and way of mind that permeates all of Eastern Traditions explored on this site. It is the develop of the individual from the inside out that will bring a person to enlightenment, to finding the path.

So as you begin to understand Eastern Philosophy it is important to look at the whole self and reach for a change in all areas not focusing on just the mind, not focusing on just the spirit or energy self, and not focusing on only the physical aspects of your life. All of them are integrated they really are not separate parts but different representations of the whole.

Tantra is really a methodology that expresses an embracing of the Divine Consciousness being expressed in all things and us being a part of this Divine Consciousness ourselves. The word Tantric and understanding it in the Western view is really not a full picture of what the Eastern Philosophy entails but more how we understand it. The principles are what are more important than the dogma, than the history. It does not matter if you understand the exact past of Tantra and what it really means in India or the Eastern Way. Instead understand the basic concepts and apply them to your lives. You are also an expression of the Divine Consciousness and in so your viewpoint is just as valid as the next. The key is inner self exploration.

So Yoga and Tantra really are concepts that can, in principle, be interchangeable, combined, and used as compliments to each other in your everyday life. One way is to understand the concept of your whole self as an expression of the Divine Consciousness, and still your mind concentrating on this aspect while you are going through Yoga motions.

Remember the Yoga you are doing today is not necessarily the Yogic Way, in that you are practicing it the same way that the Yogis in India are practicing “yoga” but the working on the strengthening of the body and stilling the mind in the process is a way to understand your inner self and hence a good route in your life journey.

So think of this yoga as a combination of two complimentary philosophies and the physical movements and you may go through in your local “Tantric Yoga” class are an expression of the Divine Consciousness: You.

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