Throat Chakra - Blue Chakra -Vishuddhi

Throat Chakra, Blue Chakra, Vishuddhi

Opening up your throat chakra enhances your ability in all areas of communication. A swirling ball of energy resonating to the color blue gives your words more clarity when engaging people. The correlation is obvious but the potential use is much greater than realized. There are many different areas of life that enhancing the blue chakra can improve. There are some key characteristics or scenarios that you may find understanding and meditating on this chakra will give you that extra confidence or just the right word.

On the highest level and in general balancing and working on the blue chakra chakra may give the most benefit and may need the most attention in those that tend to be shy. Often this shyness is simply the lack of confidence to find the right words. And in my experience this is more often the case than not. Most people do not want to be anti-social or scared of meeting new people, it is just a paralyzing fear that many of us need to work through that we may say the wrong thing.

Even when working on the throat chakra this particular fear and personality development is going to have periods of difficulty. But as stressed everywhere on this site, it is worth the effort. Any effort made to enhance your communication and verbal skills through throat chakra work is time well spent. Remember always that it is a process and not an event. Repeat this during any frustration. Take a break and come back tomorrow. With this higher level more work and over longer periods of time is required.

Now working down the levels we see that having the ability to speak your mind to a large group of people or small alike, will help any career. Whether you are a scientist who has to give a talk on the latest cephalopod research or an economist explaining the latest job growth findings it is necessary to communicate effectively. Now this work with the throat chakra is much more direct. You can spend time before the speech or presentation even within 15 minutes concentrating on opening the blue chakra.

Working on the throat chakra is done by simply concentrating on the throat area while picturing a blue glowing energy getting stronger will give you the added benefit you are seeking. The preparation involved will be greater the more time put in. So spending 20 minutes the day before you need to speak meditating after going over your notes will really blow your mind in effectiveness.

So that is the technique. Study your material, go over your notes, and the actual presentation itself. Picture the room you will be speaking in, the people that will be in front of you. If you do not know specifics that is fine, picture the general idea and it will translate to the actual location just fine.

On an even smaller level you may be heading out to dinner on a date or with your friends. Maybe you will be meeting someones parents or an important person. You can give your speaking confidence a boost by spending the commute over picturing your voice chakra opening, blue light glowing, all very calmly. Only mental effort and a stillness is needed.

Bonus Idea: One particular stone, turquoise, can be held or placed near the throat for added benefit.

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