Tips on Meditation

Tips on Meditation and Chakras

1 Focus on your Root Chakra during meditation when you are feeling spacey and disconnected

2 Using a lit candle as a focal point will aid in keeping our mind clear and focused during meditation

3 Start to incorporate crystals into your daily meditations

4 Do not forget to spend some time meditating with intent to manifest your thoughts

5 Amethyst is a great gemstone to use during healing meditation You can place it near or on your head for added benefit

6 Meditation is a habit and a process not an event Continually make an effort to still your mind

7 Your conscious mind is 10 times as loud as your subconscious but only 1/10th as powerful

8 Do not be afraid to ask your subconscious mind questions before meditation

9 You are what you think! Think pure and positive thoughts

10 If your mind starts to wander during meditation bring your attention back to your breath

Read an interesting article on breathing techniques at Healthy Lifestyles for You

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11 Change your meditation location for a refreshing experience

12 A green pasture is great for meditation work with the heart chakra

13 Clear Quartz will help amplify your energy and enhance your meditation experience

14 Don’t take yourself so seriously and you will always be around a constant source of amusement

15 Chinese proverbs are snippets of brilliance that can add insight into your spiritual journey

16 7 Major Chakras and 7 days of the week take a chakra a day and do your own energy work

17 Find a meditation group in your area through yahoo or meetup or other common interest groups

18 Find at least a few minutes a day to get yourself out in the sun to help charge and maintain your chakras

19 Take time to find out what your energy centers mean to you How can understanding your chakras help your life? wwwmodernchakracom

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20 Learn from the experience of others by not limiting yourself to what you want to hear but to all you hear

21 Keep meditating keep reading and remember it is a journey not a goal

22 Life is as short as a moment and as long as eternity the importance is your state of being

23 If it were easy it would not be fun

24 Laughing and crying cleanse and balance your emotions just as a cough or yawn brings harmony to your physical body

25 When you plan think big When you do don’t think

26 As your physical body stills your energy body awakens

27 A flowing mind is an open mind ready to carry all thoughts into the knowledge flow

28 Use emotions as reasons to think not as reasons to act

29 Chakra balancing will help heal all areas of your life

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30 Do not judge others beliefs or actions in haste Take your time still your mind and apply only patience to the situation

31 Justifying right or wrong is like competing to be the captain of a sinking ship

32 Replace “What did I do wrong?” with “What can I do differently to achieve my desired outcome?”

33 Sticking to your values is not nearly as difficult as applying them correctly

34 Meditation will teach you to be as patient with yourself as you are with others for this relationship always strives for balance

35 Circular thought like swirling water gets deeper and darker but never moves forward

36 Change your unwanted habits by finding things to replace them not by focusing on them as burdens to remove

37 The Third Eye Chakra will aid in visualizing your outcome during meditation

38 Self renewal begins with Heart Chakra

39 Aventurine is a useful gemstone when working with the Heart Chakra

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40 Working with your Root Chakra will boost Confidence

41 Meditating with Red Tigers Eye will help with Root Chakra Energy work

42 The Sacral Chakra glowing orange will help you in removing inhibitions

43 Creativity can be sparked through Crown Chakra involvement

44 To aid in Crown Chakra Healing the scent of Lavender will enhance your experience

45 The Solar Plexus Chakra provides guidance in an individuals search for wisdom

46 While laying down placing a citrine gemstone on your Solar Plexus Chakra will provide an added energy boost to the Yellow Chakra

47 The Throat Chakra not surprisingly will help guide you in your communication efforts such as giving a speech or expressing your feelings

48 Sodalite an inexpensive gemstone can be applied with added benefit to the Throat Chakra

49 Try working with two chakras at the same time during meditation to see what you may discover

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50 Chakra balancing can be performed in many ways including one on one sessions with an energy healer home study programs and your own meditation and energy work

51 Meditation and Healing are all about balance Work with all your chakra centers individually and together Adjust as imbalance occurs

52 The Conscious mind is the input and output the subconsious is the processor and the unconscious is the database of all things

53 Go for a walk Pay attention to the rhythm of your steps then to your environment and then to both

54 Some tasks can be made into meditation sessions Find those tasks in which the repetition is second nature (deleting emails?) Let your mind still

55 You can feel your chakra being charged while thinking of the corresponding color glowing around that chakra An orb of Green Color surrounding your Heart Chakra

56 Frustration arises when we do not take the time to see what we can learn

57 Failing does not exist outside of our minds but giving up does Continue to meditate It takes practice do not be fooled otherwise

58 There is nothing to “get” from meditation it is already there you are just discovering it

59 Life is a globe and not a map There is no edge and the journey never ends

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60 We are surrounded by energy we move through this energy daily do not forget to let the energy move through you

61 Finding a clean cool lake to swim in will quickly charge your chakras

62 A creative outlet is essential to a balanced life Meditation will often provide insight into your passions and pursuits

63 Find a quartz crystal and meditate stilling your mind as you look at the organization of a such a beautiful structure

64 A chunk of Himalayan Salt Crystal with a candle lit inside will help purify the surrounding air A great addition to your meditation station

65 Keep a meditation journal

66 Right down your own thoughts on what your chakras represent how you view your energy self

67 Group meditation provides an amplification unobtainable by an individual Simply being in the presence of others meditating will help you

68 Impatience with others is a good indicator of those qualities in your own self you would like to change

69 There is meaning in everything

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70 Have you ever thought that maybe this is exactly where you are suppose to be?

71 Take a moment to see if you are really listening to what the other person is saying

72 Sunstone naturally encourages increased energy making it a great chakra energizing stone

73 7 Major chakras (flexibility is key as personal experience is different) where else do you find 7 in your life?

74 Universal law dictates that you will get out what you put in Apple seeds give you Apple trees Positive thoughts give you positive experiences

75 Envision your future as you wish it to be not as you reason to be

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