Tree Meditations

Tree Meditation

Tree Meditations provide a crucial understanding to balance.

Humans understand reality as opposites, searching and understanding through light and dark. We think in poles, like the ends of a battery, positive and negative. Yet we need to take a step back to see the battery, the electricity that is created between these two poles. In order to balance life on Earth we humans need to be in balance with the trees. This is not a green metaphor, this is reality. We are conscious, we know that, but there is always that opposite balance in everything we understand. So what is the human opposite, a tree. We have complimentary opposites that is a tree, they are conscious, they are the human opposite of conscious minds, but opposite is not separate, it makes up the whole. So we all must find our tree.

Some of you may be familiar with Buddha being enlightened under a tree. Or maybe Henry David Thoreau writing his Walden Pond masterpiece in the woods. There is a reason that retreats take place in nature and amongst the woods. A solid grove of trees stops erosion, filters pollution in the air and water. We use the wood from trees themselves to shelter and protect us, to build our tools. Trees are not just beautiful they are essential and should be treated as part of the family :)

Tree Meditation Thoughts

As trees mature they grow outward, as humans mature we grow inward.

As trees consume carbon dioxide and expel oxygen, humans consume oxygen and expel carbon dioxide.

Tree convert sunlight energy into mass, we convert mass into energy.

Neither is right nor wrong, but both sides are needed to maintain balance. Always.

Tree Meditation Haikus

I am the Oak Tree

We are the Oak Tree as Well

Let's go climb a Tree!

The bark is so brown

and the leaves such a bright green

But most is unseen.

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